The Photo of the Year results show

September 27, 2008

The Michigan-Bred Claimer's 2008 Photo of the Year: Oscar Delgado talks things over with the stewards following a race at Mount Pleasant Meadows. Date Taken: September 27, 2008

As you can see by the large picture at the top of this post, the winner of my “2008 Photo of the Year” poll is the picture entitled “Stating His Case.” This victory is brought to you in part by  the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Meadows Phone in the Mailbox, headed up by chairperson Claire Novak. 

But seriously, thanks to everyone who voted and left comments on my pictures. I know these photos are far from Eclipse quality (even if this year’s winner was pretty debatable), but it was still a blast to shoot them and I hope you enjoyed the first-person glimpses into my unforgettable year.

Let’s take a look at how the votes shook out. For one last look at the nominees, click here.

Which is your favorite photo of 2008?

Four Votes (31%)
– “Stating His Case” (Oscar Delgado)

Two Votes (15%)
“Dreaming of the Spotlight” (Dreaming of Anna)
– “Rolling Start” (The Red Mile)

One Vote (8%)
– “The Champ” (Curlin) 
– “Best Seat in the House” (Mount Pleasant Meadows)
– “Leaving ’em all Behind” (Flame of Justice)
– “The Cross” (Oscar Delgado)
– “Final Preparations” (Phil Teator) 

No Votes (0%)
– “Pillar to Post” (Ricardo Barrios)
– “Down the Stretch” (Pinnacle Race Course)
– “Picture in Picture” (Jamie Theriot)
– “Tiz Springtime” (Tiz Now Tiz Then) 
– “Keeneland Clock” (Keeneland Race Course)
– “Lock and Load” (Ethel Redneck)

 Now for a few observations…

While I was not surprised by the winner of the poll, I did not expect to see so much support for “Rolling Start.” Aside from the fact that it was a Standardbred picture in a Thoroughbred blog, I figured the motion blur would turn people off. Glad to see people liked it though.

Also, it was mildly shocking to see the Curlin picture only receive a single vote. Though the subjects are not doing anything particularly noteworthy, I expected name recognition alone to net it a few more votes.

I’m looking at buying a new camera sometime in the near future; something with better zoom and picture quality. If and when that happens, expect business to pick up in the photo department. Hopefully next year’s “Photo of the Year” poll will leave this one in the dust.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and commented. I’ll have the next question up and ready to go as soon as I come up with something worth asking. See you then.

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