Boom goes the dynamite

A few weeks ago, former Fox News punching bag Alan Colmes made an appearance on The Colbert Report, playing the role of the faux-conservative host’s whipping post. Early in the episode, Colmes was given a list of acceptable responses to Colbert’s opinions, one of which was the infamous catchphrase “boom goes the dynamite.”

Having not heard that phrase used in quite some time, I responded in two ways: 1) By laughing like an idiot; and 2) By heading over to Youtube to watch the famous video that begat the exclamation. 

For those of you who do not recall, the video stars a flustered replacement sportscaster from Ball State University who stumbled through the highlight reel after his teleprompter went on the fritz. As if the poor kid had not suffered enough, the video found its way online, and eventually garnered references from TV shows including Family Guy, Veronica Mars, SportsCenter and the aforementioned Colbert Report.

Where am I going with this, you ask? The next question of the day, of course!

After watching the doomed sportscaster, my mind soon shifted to thoughts of racetrack announcers. Don’t ask why. I don’t know how it happens either.

Anyway, I tried to decide on the worst race call I have ever heard. I recalled a few minor slips – a mispronounced name here, a wrong call on a close finish there – but nothing at the catastrophic level of “boom goes the dynamite.”

This is where you come in.

Even though I couldn’t single one out, I would love to hear your answer to the question: What is the worst individual race call you have ever heard?

Remember, this is a question regarding a single race, not an announcer’s overall body of work. If you think Tom Durkin is the worst announcer in the game, that is not what I am looking for (besides, Durkin takes his place among the best based on his calls of Arrrrr’s races at Saratoga last summer alone). But if he had a particularly atrocious showing somewhere along the line, fire away.

Obviously, this is an open-ended question, so there will not be a poll for this one, just comments. If I happen to come up with something later, I will be sure to chime in as well.

So have at it. I can’t wait to hear the horror stories.


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7 responses to “Boom goes the dynamite

  1. Well, for me, hands-down, it was Chic Anderson’s 1975 Kentucky Derby call. First, he loved saying “Bom-bay Duck” way too much, and then—mostly importantly—in what should have been the crowning moment for Foolish Pleasure, he calls it as Prince Thou Art going to the lead in the stretch. Instead of admitting his mistake (as in “no, it’s Foolish Pleasure”), he says “Now Foolish Pleasure” as if Prince Thou Art has suddenly disappeared. What sucked is he had called Foolish Pleasure in the correct position as they rounded the final turn, so it was a massively horrible call—probably one the legendary Anderson definitely wanted to forget. What is here:

  2. I’ve heard some replacements at NYRA when everyone was sick, don’t’ have a specific one, but sometimes it would be better just to turn the mike off.

    Or if I wanted to be snarky I could say every call from Bettaglia. J/K

  3. Dave Johnson’s call of the West Virginia Derby in either 2005 or ’06 was the worst call I’ve ever heard.

  4. This probably doesn’t qualify but TVG would lose the sound from some of its tracks every once in a while and on of their long-time hosts, who used to be an announcer I guess, would step in and do a mock call. Seibel I think it was.

    He was anything but stellar.

  5. Just thought I would throw this in. Looks like she missed her calling.

    She did make a good call on the Dodgers.

  6. mibredclaimer

    Foolish Pleasure,
    I was going to go with you on the “Bombay Chicken” thing until I realized how much fun it is to say myself. I can’t fault someone too much for doing something I would have driven into the ground.

    But the stretch drive call is pretty unacceptable. Do you know if he ever commented on the race afterward on the PA system or to the media?

    Who did they choose for the replacements? Did they just use less talented/experienced announcers or did they pull interns and secretaries out of the halls to call races?

    He seems to stumble over himself at the same point in both races – just as they are about to enter the final turn. The wheels really come off in the ’06 running, though. very “Boom goes the dynamite-esque”

    Also, am I the only one that thinks he sounds like the announcer from Jeopardy? Just imagine that voice describing a high school science teacher from Hartford, Conn.

    Ah yes, the ever-awkward in-studio race call. I remember a similar situation occuring during an NFL game on CBS last year where the pregame show team had to fill in for a few drives. It was weird.

    As for the video, without sounding too political, it is kind of unsettling to consider that the weekend sports guy or gal could end up (almost) becoming one of the leaders of the free world. Maybe the “dynamite” guy will be alright after all.

    I especially loved the “Purdue was killin’ Michigan early on…” line.

  7. Speaking of “in studio calls,” Roger Huston of The Meadows near Pittsburgh calls harness races off a TV set in a small room in the grandstand.

    He’s also the voice of the Little Brown Jug and calls those races live above the action.

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