It begins…

Saw this in my inbox earlier today. Felt the need to share…

This notice is to inform you that one or more of your horses has worked out. 
Mrs. Murphy
Your Comment: 

Date: February 25, 2009
Distance: Three Furlongs
Time: 40:40 Breezing
Track Condition: Fast
Surface: Dirt
Rank: 30/33

From: Equibase Virtual Stable 

For those of you who do not recall why this is important (check out #6), I am listed as the breeder to Mrs. Murphy, which entitles me to 10% of the gross purse if she wins a race in Michigan.

Aside from the obvious monetary interest I have in Mrs. Murphy, I will also cheer for her because her bloodlines run several generations back into our family stable. Her dam, Janies Enjoyment, and granddam, Janies Echo both ran under my grandpa’s colors at Great Lakes Downs and Detroit Race Course respectively. The fact that she was named in honor of my late grandma Murphy gives her sentimental value as well. 

Of course, if she runs at Hawthorne, this gets me nothing but an excuse for a road trip, but it is still exciting to see her owner/trainer has her at the track and is getting her ready to start somewhere. For my bank account’s sake, I hope she holds off until Pinnacle Race Course opens up in June, but I have no problem driving to Hawthorne or her trainer’s other out-of-state base, Presque Isle Downs, to see her run her first race. Lord knows I haven’t driven longer distances to see a live horse race.

If and when she is confirmed to start, expect full and exhaustive coverage right here. I am fully prepared to blow off class to cover this.

Come on, people. Get excited!


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3 responses to “It begins…

  1. If the scheduling works out, I would gladly meet you at Hawthorne for the race. Give me a reason to flash my shiny, new owners badge…

  2. Good luck!

    Is that her first work? If so, she may not be ready to start at Haw, we only run through the end of April. Going by Condition Book #1, there’s a filly short MSW 3+ week 2 and 4, some Mcl wks 2 and 4. Only Mcl15 for 3yos, but they might add a MSW in book 2.

  3. mibredclaimer

    I’ll definitely keep you in the loop. Flashing the owner’s badge is always a good time.

    Thanks! Yeah, that was her first work. Her trainer tends to bring his horses along at their own pace, so she’s probably more likely to start at Presque Isle or (hopefully) Pinnacle. But being as though I’ve never been to Hawthorne, it would make a very good excuse for a first visit if she did get one in.

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