It’s go time…

Oh, snap. Get a load of this…

Mrs. Murphy is entered to run on April 24, 2009 at HAWTHORNE. 

Race: 6  Distance: Six Furlongs  Surface: Dirt  Age: 3  –  Filly
Race Type: Maiden Claiming Purse: $ 10,500
Jockey: Jose R. Betancourt
Trainer: Randall R. Russell
Race conditions: FOR MAIDENS, FILLIES THREE YEARS OLD. Weight, 122 lbs. Claiming Price $15,000, For Each $1,000 To $13,000 1 lb.

Last Reported Workouts:
04/09/2009-HAWTHORNE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-49:20 Breezing
03/20/2009-HAWTHORNE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-53:80 Breezing
03/06/2009-HAWTHORNE-Three Furlongs-Dirt Fast-40:80 Breezing

Equibase Virtual Stable

It took me 22 years, but I finally made onto Equibase (Check the breeder on the Entries page). I mean “Joe Nevill” made it onto Equibase. I need to talk to someone about getting that fixed.

Exciting stuff, huh? The problem? I won’t be able to see it. I’ll be at a J. Geils Band concert in Detroit that night, so a run to Suburban Chicago is probably out of the question. With any luck, I might be able to catch it over the Pinnacle simulcast before the show. Not the ideal situation, but with the band’s age and propensity for artistic differences, you just don’t pass up J. Geils at this point in the game.

As for the race, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Hawthorne’s maiden claimer scene. To my knowledge, I have handicapped exactly one half a card at the track and the Illinois Derby this year. Hardly enough to get a feel for the track and its horseflesh.

Here’s what I do know. Mrs. Murphy’s jockey, Jose Betancourt, is not among the top 20 riders at Hawthorne -Probably a negative, but in 2004, the rider on her uncle, Royal Charley, had only two wins on the year before he went on to dust the field by five lengths. Also, she’s listed as the second to last choice with morning line odds of 8-1. Considering her circumstances – first-time starter, Michigan-bred, less than blazing workouts, un-sexy bloodlines, unheralded rider – I figured she would be set at double figures without a second thought, even in an eight-horse field.

During Royal Charley’s heyday at Great Lakes Downs in 2007, I would put $5 across the board and $5 more to win on his nose. I have not yet decided how much I plan on wagering on Charley’s niece, but I figure it will be something in the $5 to win neighborhood (keep in mind that I will be placing the bet at Mount Pleasant Meadows around noon before I head to Detroit, so there will be no opportunity to handicap the race except for the horse I want to win). When Mrs. Murphy can prove she deserves the big bucks, I’ll play her accordingly. She ought to go for a decent price, so if she does manage to hit the wire first, I stand to make a good sum of money. Perhaps enough to pay for a concert t-shirt later that night.

One final note: If any of my Chicago-based readers (do I have any Chicago-based readers?) would be kind enough to snap a few pictures of Mrs. Murphy during your usual course of business and send them to me, I would be eternally grateful. She’s the #8 horse in the 6th race on Friday. Please send them to the email address listed on the “Contact” page. Thanks a bunch.


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2 responses to “It’s go time…

  1. I never needed an excuse to go to Hawthorne. We’ll see what we can do.

  2. mibredclaimer

    You the man. Thank you very much.

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