At least J. Geils was awesome…

As the title suggests, things did not exactly go as hoped for Mrs. Murphy’s first start at Hawthorne Race Course on Friday.

She broke a step slow and chased the field from last over 20 lengths back before finally getting past a horse that bled and stopped in the stretch. She also managed to nose out another tiring rival to finish sixth, a good 31 lengths off the winner.

Now, for a guest commentary on the race, former WWE superstar Ron Simmons…


Thank you, Mr. Simmons.

The thing I hate about races like this is you don’t learn much about the horse. The bad start is an easy excuse to rag on, but we can’t all be like I Want Revenge and blow by the field after moseying out of the gates and giving up a handful of lengths. I suppose we’ll get a more accurate picture of what Mrs. Murphy can do if and when she begins making starts at Pinnacle Race Course this summer. Hopefully, the stumble out of the gate was just that – a brief stumble – and not an indicator of her future finishing positions.

On the plus side, Mrs. Murphy got quite a bit of camera time in the paddock, which was nice. There wasn’t any sound on the Pinnacle simulcast, so I could not hear what they said about her, if anything. All I know is none of the handicappers picked her to hit the board and her final odds of 28-1 were significantly higher than her 8-1 morning line.

For an Equibase chart of the race, click here.

And for those of you who were wondering, the J. Geils Band concerts were nothing short of life-affirming. Even after a 10-year hiatus and even longer without producing new material, I have no reservations about saying they put on a better live show than any popular group out there today. The Hives might be within a stone’s throw, but when it comes down to sheer entertainment and musicianship (and the fact that none of them seem to have lost a step despite being in their 50s and 60s), the Swedes have to bow down and kiss Peter Wolf’s ring. More than worth the price of admission.


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