The Haiku Handicapper: The 2009 Kentucky Derby

The ol’ bait and switch
They’re at NTRA’s site
Thanks to Claire Novak

But seriously, click on the haiku above to see my picks for this Saturday’s big race on the NTRA website. As always, I owe Claire Novak a huge debt of gratitude for letting me graffito-tag her blog with my short, choppy, amateur-level poetry.

I will more than likely be watching the Derby at Mount Pleasant Meadows following the track’s opening day of live racing. It ought to be a good time. I have not exactly figured out how I plan to wager on the race, but as soon as I get a strategy put together, you’ll find it here.

Best of luck to everyone in their betting ventures this weekend.


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2 responses to “The Haiku Handicapper: The 2009 Kentucky Derby

  1. Andrew

    Hey Joe,

    Nice analysis and congrats on the NTRA appearances! I agree with you on Dunkirk, I think he’s all hype. I’m going 6-16-13, Friesan Fire easily.

    If you do happen to take a couple of pics on opening day at Mt. Pleasant I’d love to see them.

  2. mibredclaimer


    Thanks! It appears someone with poor grammar disagrees with my views on Dunkirk on the NTRA site, but we’ll see when they put them in the gates, won’t we?

    I feel really good about “Freezin’ Fries” (to quote a befuddled Hank Goldberg) as well. If I Want Revenge doesn’t show up, I think FF will capitalize, and he just might do it regardless.

    And of course, if they’re running, I’ll be there taking pictures.

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