Michigan race date reduction update

The media is beginning to pick up on the crisis the Michigan Racing industry is facing.

Michigan HBPA Executive Director Gary Tinkle went on the Frank Beckmann radio show this morning and delivered an informative and well-spoken description of the industry’s current situation. It is recommended listening for anyone with a stake in the Michigan racing business or those who are new to, or under-informed on, the issue. 

The interview’s webpage can be viewed here, or it can be directly downloaded by clicking here.

Big thanks to readers LK and Ragman for pointing me toward this interview. 

The Blood Horse put up a story on the cut backs which can be read here. Thoroughbred Times also produced this story.

As for new business, I have been told all sides will meet again in the near future to further discuss matters and hopefully find a more reasonable solution. Other than that, the details of the situation remain somewhat sketchy. As always, I’ll keep my ear to the ground for new information.

UPDATE: Here is another Frank Beckmann radio interview, this time featuring Pinnacle Race Course owner Jerry Campbell. View the page here or download the interview here.


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