Media attention

Slowly but surely, the news of the proposed catastrophic cut to race dates in Michigan is starting to spread throughout the local media outlets. 

Official word has been pretty quiet as of late from the horsemen’s groups as to the status of negotiations except to say they are still working to restore most, if not all, of the race dates. Fortunately, the original Friday deadline for the Racing Commissioner to submit her plan to the Governor has been extended to try to work things out.

Until then, here are a few more stories that have caught my attention regarding the issue. If anyone should find any other good stories, feel free to mention them or post a link in a comment and I’ll put it up on this post.

Pinnacle Race Course owner Jerry Campbell took to the airwaves again yesterday, this time speaking to radio host Paul W. Smith. One thing I like about Campbell is he’s great at making analogies that can make situations like this easy to understand for those not familiar with the industry. Definitely worth a listen. Click here to go to the webpage, or click here to download the interview.

The latest from the Blood Horse 

A quick NPR brief
– Featuring Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association General Manager Daniel Rakieten.

An uninspired AP story published in the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun
– The fact that the Morning Sun picked up this cookie cutter story off the wire (which, despite the title and lead’s suggestion, isn’t at all about Mount Pleasant Meadows) when the track is just a few miles up the road just gives further ammunition to the argument that local newspapers are no longer relevant and it’s their own damn fault…but that’s another rant for another day.

A much better locally done Morning Sun story
–  Perhaps someone at The Morning Sun reads this thing. Consider my big mouth shut. On a peculiar note, the photos for this story were taken last Sunday before news of the cuts came out. I wonder what their initial intentions were?

Don’t forget, Mount Pleasant’s Spring Fling is tomorrow. Hope to see you there!


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