Mrs. Murphy’s homecoming

A little birdie named Equibase Virtual Stable told me this Saturday night…

Mrs. Murphy is entered to run on June 9, 2009 at PINNACLE RACE COURSE. 

Race: 2  Distance: Five Furlongs  Surface: Dirt  Age: 3  –  Filly
Race Type: Maiden Claiming Purse: $ 6,600
Jockey: Angel Ortega Stanley
Trainer: Randall R. Russell
Race conditions: FOR MAIDENS, FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARS OLD AND UPWARD. Three Year Olds, 116 lbs.; Older, 123 lbs. Claiming Price $12,500.
 Last Raced: 04/24/2009 at HAWTHORNE in Race 6
Finish Position: 6th
Last Reported Workouts:
05/30/2009-PINNACLE RACE COURSE-Five Furlongs-Dirt Fast-1.06:00 Breezing
05/19/2009-PINNACLE RACE COURSE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-56:80 Breezing
04/09/2009-HAWTHORNE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-49:20 Breezing

She is in as part of an entry, so I called her trainer Sunday afternoon to make sure she wasn’t going to get scratched. He said he’s going to run her. I’m so there.

Mrs. Murphy’s morning line is 12-1, which is understandable considering her third-to-last debut in Hawthorne. Until I get a hold of a program, I can not comment too awful much on what she is up against. I have only seen one of the other horses in the field in action and she left the track on a van (curiously, that horse is still going off at lower odds than Mrs. Murphy). One would figure a maiden claimer in Detroit would be less threatening than one in Chicago, but once the gates open, nothing’s guaranteed. Not that the competition is going to affect my pick, anyway.

Expect the most exhaustive coverage of a $12,500 maiden claiming event the internet has ever seen.



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7 responses to “Mrs. Murphy’s homecoming

  1. ragman

    Checked at the start and then kept 8 wide throughout looks like a classic “stiff job.” But then again she had no action(I think she changed leads in the stretch) so maybe you might think about putting her in a van and heading for Mt. P and on the way try stopping at some of the farms and just maybe they might be willing to give her a pasture to play in.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Ouch, dude…Just ouch.

  3. ragman

    The BIG DAY arrives.
    After looking at the program I have come to the conclusion that the biggest thing going for Murph is the other half of the entry(Hilt).
    My other conclusions,
    1st # 5 Dutchess Song
    and finish the doubles with #’ 1, 5 and 7 in the 2nd.
    4th # 6 Tim’s Last Chance
    5th # 4 Rollin Bonez
    8th # 7 Lil Perfect Storm

    Really Murph is only in that race for the experience. Good Luck.

  4. Good Luck today. Off the subject a little but what a terrible first day of races at Pinnacle. Only one allowance and only one route. Most 4-6.26 K claimers, that will get the people out, espically when we dont even know how many dates there will be. Again good luck, enjoy your day.

  5. ragman

    What you are seeing is racing entries dominated by Michigan Breds who have spent the winter on the farm and will be using their first few races of the year trying to get in shape. Opening day at Great Lakes 2000 had all 4f races plus one 5 1/2f. This was KY Derby day which would have been probably the biggest crowd of the year. They keep crying about the casinos. They should look at the product they present. As long as they get their(?) purse money they don’t seem to care.

  6. Ragman
    You nailed as far as the product on the track goes. Pinnacle is about 45 miles from my house, why should I drive all that way to watch the races being offered when I can watch and wager on the best horses in the country online. I know that the MI breds need to be supported, but the first few days of racing have been a terrible selection. I would rather watch a professional baseball game on t.v. then attend a minor league one in person. Right now the racing at Pinnacle is minor league.

  7. LK

    well….. She broke well.. as for the rest.. ehem- hmmm

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