Michigan Notebook: July 6, 2009

Send Cash comes back from a race at Pinnacle Race Course with Federico Mata aboard.

Send Cash comes back from a race at Pinnacle Race Course with Federico Mata aboard.

– Brandon Meier, one the subjects of Animal Planet’s reality show “Jockeys,” is scheduled to take the saddle aboard a few ship-ins Tuesday at Pinnacle Race Course. Unless someone else has been sneaking mounts while I haven’t been paying attention, this is the first time one of the show’s stars has come to a Michigan racetrack to ride since the series aired. Not a bad draw for a Tuesday afternoon card.

– Speaking of reasons to go to Pinnacle, the track has some non-racing related events in the coming weeks to attract audiences:

1) On July 13 at 1 p.m., Pinnacle will host a dog show featuring world-renowned dog trainer, and Pinnacle employee, John Flowers. Admission is free. Flowers has appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman four times with his dog, Spencer. He has also appeared on the Animal Planet show Pet Star five times, winning the competition in 2005. Flowers is a cancer survivor and all donations received from the dog show will go to the American Cancer Society.

For a video of Flowers and Spencer’s winning performance on Pet Star, click here. From there, click on the seventh dog in the row of pictures.

 2) The Budweiser Clydesdales will be at Pinnacle on July 17 from noon to 4 p.m..

– For those curious about how the demolition is progressing at Great Lakes Downs, someone posted some photos from the edges of the grounds on Flickr. They are from the middle of May, so things are almost certainly further along now, but I just found them, so they’re new to me. The photographer does not appear to have too much knowledge about the nuts and bolts of racing (he thinks the grooms’ dormitory is a hotel for visiting jockeys), but they give a good, if a tad depressing, look at what’s left of the place.

– While we are looking at pictures, I also found a few photos from another defunct Michigan Thoroughbred track, Detroit Race Course. For a blast from the past, click here.


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3 responses to “Michigan Notebook: July 6, 2009

  1. DRC alumni

    Thank you for posting this link. What a flood of memories I had just looking at those pictures.

  2. ragman

    On Friday’s last race I think the handle was probably pretty good. I know there was over 10k in the exacta pool. The gate malfunctions and the race is declared no contest and all wagers refunded to those who still had their tickets. Bad break # 1 for Pinnacle unless they made it up on uncashed tickets.
    Then on Saturday’s 3rd race someone off track drops 30k on Meadow Wise to show(he won) creating a minus so Pinnacle has to shell out again.
    The good news. Three distance races on Friday and the pick 5 pool is still there.

  3. mibredclaimer

    DRC Alumni,

    Glad to do it. I never made it to DRC myself, so it is always fun to see pictures of the place when I can find them.


    I was there on Friday when the gates malfunctioned. As soon as I heard they called it a no-contest, I thought to myself “oy, their aching handle.”

    It’s a good thing everyone appeared to be alright afterward. I swear, Pinnacle has the worst luck with its gates. Any idea what they do with the purse money in a situation like that? I figure they would equally divide it among all the runners, but that sounds too easy.

    Kind of surprised to see someone bridgejump at Pinnacle, if only because half the tracks I have visited don’t carry their signal.

    Did I see correctly that the Pick 5 pool was $8 this weekend? Ouch.

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