Murph returns

Look who’s back in Detroit…

Mrs. Murphy is entered to run on October 2, 2009 at PINNACLE RACE COURSE.

Race: 8  Distance: Six Furlongs  Surface: Dirt  Age: 3  –  Filly
Race Type: Maiden Claiming Purse: $ 7,500
Jockey: Mike Roll
Trainer: Randall R. Russell
Race conditions: FOR MICHIGAN BRED MAIDENS, FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARS OLD AND UPWARD. Three Year Olds, 120 lbs.; Older, 123 lbs. Claiming Price $8,000.
Last Raced: 09/03/2009 at PRESQUE ISLE DOWNS in Race 4
Finish Position: 6th
Last Reported Workouts:
08/25/2009-PINNACLE RACE COURSE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-54:00 Breezing
05/30/2009-PINNACLE RACE COURSE-Five Furlongs-Dirt Fast-1.06:00 Breezing
05/19/2009-PINNACLE RACE COURSE-Four Furlongs-Dirt Fast-56:80 Breezing

I have not yet had the opportunity to look at the past performances for this race, as my Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance 10 DRF Formulator programs for $10 discount expired a few days ago. What I do know is Mrs. Murphy is running in the card’s night cap and is the fourth choice at odds of 6-1. It will be a full field, and she will start from around the middle stall.

Mike Roll is a new rider for Murph, but he appears to have established himself the trainer’s go-to guy, so clearly he has confidence in him. The last time I remember Randy having a rider on retainer like this was Jareth Loveberry at Great Lakes Downs, who was the most consistent and successful rider my grandpa’s horse, Royal Charley, ever had on his back.

Also working to Murph’s advantage is a slight drop in class. After spending her time at Pinnacle running in open-fillies $12,500 maiden claiming company, she will drop down to a state-bred $8,000 tag. Perhaps the change in competition will be a welcome one.

With the Pinnacle meet drawing to a close in the coming weeks, this could be my last opportunity for the year to see Mrs. Murphy race in person. Hopefully she can pull this one off.


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2 responses to “Murph returns

  1. ragman

    The winner of Murph’s last race was a Jamie Ness trained dropper by the name of Sugar Crane. He dropped from a 25k nw2 to the 7.5k mdn. Opened up from the start with Murph in pursuit. Easy winner and Murph didn’t stand a chance. Murph had been off two months. Sugar Crane came back in ten days and repeated in a 7.5k nw2(Iza Inch Away 5th race) stalking 2nd and winning with ease in the stretch. Murph’s former Pinnacle opponents Kindasweet,Synful Eyes and Cattie Cadence are better than anyone in here has faced. So….full speed ahead. A Russell/Roll double isn’t out of the question. Good luck!
    After weeks of midget fields they finally got some entries.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Thanks! Murph has indeed run into a number of buzzsaws this year, so hopefully a lighter field will put her in the driver’s seat.

    I’ve noticed a spike in entries myself. If I recall, things picked up at the end of last year, too. Then again, they couldn’t start training before a few days before the opener last year, so I chalked it up to that. Aside from the Sire Stakes, it doesn’t look like the purses have changed any. Perhaps everyone is just now coming into form?

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