The Haiku Handicapper: Jockey Club Gold Cup, etc.

The haikus aren’t here
Guest spot on NTRA
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As always, a huge “thank you” goes out to Claire Novak for allowing me to pollute her blog with my amateur poetry.

And now, a look at Mrs. Murphy’s start earlier today…

Third place by a length
Rough break, traffic, gained in stretch
Looks like she digs mud


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2 responses to “The Haiku Handicapper: Jockey Club Gold Cup, etc.

  1. old timer

    Nice job, Joe, on the national scene with your Haiku.
    How about:

    Macho now on a roll.
    Bird flies 6 behind Rachel
    Macho – Summer Bird

    My exacta in haiku. However I am not foolish enough to not play it both ways! It should be a great race.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Well, I got the top of the trifecta right. Looks like my decision to bank on Quality Road failing to bounce back came back to bite me, and Macho Again killed both of us.

    Oh well, that’s why I pick them with a gimmick, so at least my whiffs are entertaining. I liked your reasoning in your haiku.

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