Executive order dissolves Office of Racing Commissioner

The Michigan News reports Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed an executive order yesterday, combining several existing state departments into the new Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

In the same order, Granholm abolished Michigan’s Office of Racing Commissioner, and consolidated horse racing activities into the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The board’s executive director, Richard S. Kalm, will “perform the functions of Racing Commissioner.”

In other news out of Lansing, WXYZ – Channel 7 in Detroit reports the state’s House Appropriations Committee may soon vote to spend $20,000 to study expanded gaming options at Michigan’s racetracks to increase revenues. The two options under consideration are instant racing and electronic pull tab machines. The report notes any adopted plan will likely be met with lawsuits.

Right now, I am on a complementary one-hour wi-fi connection in a Lexington, KY McDonald’s, so this post has to be short and sweet. Expect more information as it becomes available and my connection improves.


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3 responses to “Executive order dissolves Office of Racing Commissioner

  1. old time race fan

    I hope that I am wrong, but it sounds like the beginning of the end for the sport of kings in Michigan.

  2. longshotsblues

    Not necessarily. Like I expressed in my e-mail to Joe. Not all can pretend to be DENSE. Everybody and anybody who has a brain doesn’t need to spend $20,000 for a study, to see if bringing other gaming to the tracks will raise much needed revenue to this state. All these people have to do is contact any state that implemented other means of gaming at that states horse tracks. Request an yearly financial revenue statement prior to tracks getting other gaming, then a statement after they received it.

    It is simple plain common sense.

    Our first priority needs to be getting these petitions I still haven’t seen to gain the signatures needed to put that very same bill that passed requiring WHOLE States voters to be able to vote on other gaming at tracks nowhere near their own vicinity’s. Back on the ballot for another vote to reverse it. There are individuals that signed those petitions not fully understanding what they indeed signed. Thousands signed believing it was to EXPAND gaming to the tracks, not to prevent it.

    And let the casino’s sue away.

    My only concern is if now these same people that have overseen only the casino’s, can be bought by them to bury horse racing for good in this state. It’s not an insult to anybody having expressed this concern. Politics is politics. It’s within the game that has always been played. The TB horsemen of this state now should put their immediate focus to contacting Richard Kalm & entire MGCB board, and expressing our heartfelt thoughts on our entire industry and any impact to further our downfall.

    DRC had over 1,100 employees working just in the stable area alone. Pinnacle hasn’t been able to put up all those barns yet because of what has happened this year in Mi. So Pinnacle doesn’t have quite those numbers yet. But this state must understand that others will go down with all of us in the Racing industry. Farms that supply the straw, hay, stores and tack shops that supply everything needed for the well being of a Racehorse. From Oats, Sweet feed to vitamins and all horses needs.

    If educated, these people will already know the impact of giving the horse tracks ALL the gaming that now countless other states have given. And understand that the only outcome can be, to bring in millions more in Revenue to a state suffocating from lack of.

    To me it is a NO BRAINER. But then I approach things on a simple common sense basis. Spending $20k on a study is flushing $20k down the toilet.
    The answer is already known and evident.

    Let’s stop this wasteful & useless time and money. And start getting down to business that will benefit all.

  3. old time race fan

    I am just a fan, but I agree with your post. Especially agree with the fact that indivduals were sold that proposal and signed it and voted for it without knowing the full ramifications.
    It was not a matter of limiting gambling as casinos are still being built and opened. In my opinion, it was a matter of giving one sector a monopoly.
    I have to admit ignorance on the magnitude of how big a road block that proposal will be. However I’d love to see Pinnacle be able to add a real grandstand and a turf course and the other things that were intended from the start.

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