House committee shoots down expanded gaming research bill

From the Michigan HBPA website

COMMITTEE SAYS NO: House Appropriations Committee Chair, Representative Cushingberry on Tues. Oct. 13th did not get the support from the committee to move HB 5012 to the floor for a vote. HB 5012 approved a study of Pull Tabs and Instant Racing (archived races). There was opposition from Greek Town Casino and other groups. Representative Simpson of Jackson has taken on the challenge of Pull Tabs and Instant Racing, a plan is expected to separate the the two and attempt on an individual basis.

Not much else has been reported on the subject, but if anything comes out, you know where to find it.

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One response to “House committee shoots down expanded gaming research bill

  1. Longshot

    Well in essence the HBPA site spoke correctly when they stated with these two excerpts,
    Instant Racing should be approved on its face without a study, but not in Michigan.

    but we are going to continue to attempt to bring some SANITY to this issue and face the challenges to save this industry.

    Something I also addressed in a blog.
    I questioned why $20k was even needed to be spent on a STUDY. Just contacting and just doing some simple investigating of the States that already implemented Slots or any other gaming to their tracks. Then requesting that States yearly Revenue Data. The before and after reports will tell the story.

    But we are dealing with Dense people here in Mi.
    At times I think everybody in the State House is smoking crack and it’s has caused their brains to completely die. And our Governor seems to be in their La-La Land on the issue of Horse Racing as well.

    Talk about looking a Gift Horse in the mouth.

    These imbeciles wont even acknowledge there is a Horse.

    A Financially in the toilet State seems to be purposely overlooking the very Industry that could brings Millions upon Millions more Revenue to you.

    Beware of people that have Diplomas and Degree’s. Some of them are the most ignorant people on the face of the earth.

    Me, I personally don’t have either, THANK GOD.
    I have always approached life with a basic philosophy. It’s called simple plain COMMON SENSE. And it has always proven to be a better asset than any Degree.

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