Senate’s delay to cause shutdown

From the Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association website:

We have learned that HB4288 is not scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee until at least Tuesday, 11/10; therefore live and simulcast racing will end 11/6/09.

After yesterday’s elections saw Ohio approve casinos in its major cities, the news just keeps getting worse for Michigan racing.  Keep an eye out for new developments.

For more information about HB4288, click here.

Thanks again goes to Twitter user @ThoroFan spotting this announcement.



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8 responses to “Senate’s delay to cause shutdown

  1. old time race fan

    One thing that puzzles me about this whole issue. Doesn’t the state make money, net, on the industry of horse racing in Michigan? The language being tossed about makes it sound like the state subsidizes the sport. However it was always my impression that the taxes paid through pari-mutuel betting financed purses as well as the costs of state regulation. Is this not correct?

  2. Andrew

    Hey Joe,

    The bill passes the house 105-1 but the Senate fails to act in time and now the tracks are shut out from simulcasting the Breeders’ Cup, unbelievable. Even if the reduced funding is restored next week, at what point do tracks and horsemen just throw in the towel? I guess that’s just life in Michigan, getting blown away on a regular basis.

  3. Andrew

    I might’ve jumped to conclusions a little too soon regarding simulcasting (hopefully I’m wrong). I haven’t heard of anything changing since the first announcement that simulcasting would end, so I assume it will.

  4. Andrew

    MHHA site updated… no simulcasting, won’t be heard until next week at the earliest.

  5. Rodger

    This is just ridiculous. Is it any wonder this state is losing businesses? The worst managed state in the country bar none.

  6. ragman

    Gilbert and Penn National spent $35 million to get the ok in Ohio and it was a very close election. Now the politicians are talking about making changes for the good of Ohio. If so to bad for yesterday’s winners.
    I don’t see a chance in hell that the horse people in Michigan could finance and run a campaign to get slots approved for the tracks. This afternoon at 2:32(?) you ask for help. Where was your lobbyist for the last couple of days? This was supposed to be cut and dried. You can’t take anything for granted in Lansing. Supposedly 55 state troopers were supposed to be recalled from layoff. Don’t report yet we have to see how the tax collections are going.
    I wish you well and will try and help but somebody better wake up.

  7. ragman

    Some progress. Keep your fingers crossed. The tracks need to be open Friday and Saturday for the BC.

  8. insidelookingout

    The usta’s website has Senate passing bill (hb4311)and moves to the House for concurrence.

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