ORC approves Pinnacle’s 2010 schedule

From the Michigan HBPA website…

2010 RACE DATES ISSUED: Commissioner Lockwood approved the following dates for  Pinnacle Race Course’s 2010 season at 84 days.

June 4 – June 27 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

June 29- October 31 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday

The 84 race dates approved by the Office of Racing Commissioner is an increase of 12 days from the 72 live dates conducted by the New Boston track in 2009. Pinnacle was originally scheduled for 83 dates in 2009, but cuts to the ORC by Gov. Jennifer Granholm prior to the start of the meet forced the track to cut dates and use the purse money to fund the regulatory organization.

For more information on the approved dates, as well as quotes from trainer Bob Gorham and HBPA Executive Director Gary Tinkle, a Blood Horse story can be found here.


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2 responses to “ORC approves Pinnacle’s 2010 schedule

  1. Lets just hope the approved dates stay at 84. Also has there been any word on the puse structure for the stakes races. The stakes purses where slashed last year, hopefully that wont happen in 2010. It starting to look like Pinnacle might survive after all.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Well, considering that the ORC is scheduled to disappear in January, I would figure that means we couldn’t run into a situation like we did last year again. Then again, knowing this state, I suppose there is always a way.

    I haven’t heard anything about Pinnacle’s stakes purses for next year, but we’ll probably get something when the meet draws a little closer.

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