2009 TBA Photo Contest

As some of you may already know, I entered some photos in this year’s Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance Photo Contest.

First round voting began this morning and continues on through Sunday, Dec. 20. I’m up against some incredibly stiff, Eclipse-quality competition. Like March Madness for the Mid-American Conference school from which I just graduated, just getting out of the first round would be a fantastic coup. To accomplish this goal, I’m going to need your help.

Here are the three photos I submitted for the contest…

Juan Delgado tucks down to urge Christmas From Mom to the wire at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

Im A Corona and Mike Holmes (#2) battle Luckys Rambler and Rafael Fernandez (#1) in the stretch at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

Lee Gates leads Toagule around the paddock before a race at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

Once I get a little time to sort through all the photos I have taken this year, I will hold my own Photo of the Year poll like I did last year (you know, one I’m guaranteed to win). Until then, you can vote in the TBA contest by clicking here.

I’d appreciate your vote. Let’s strike a blow for Michigan and the small tracks of the world!

I’m Joe Nevills and I approve this message.


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4 responses to “2009 TBA Photo Contest

  1. a horse of a different color

    I know which is my favorite!

  2. mibredclaimer

    It’s “One Rose Salute” by Sarah K. Andrew, isn’t it? That’s a mighty fine picture – probably the one to beat.

  3. a horse of a different color

    I meant one of yours! You didn’t enter it though.
    It was taken at Pinnacle. I am just about to pop over to see how the voting is going.
    Good Luck to you!

  4. ragman

    You should have your camera at Tampa today. A Mi-Bred finally gets on the track. A Campbell O&B
    2yo who in 4 races at Pinnacle never finished last. Ron and Ron Jr try and get the job done. If it happens and A Love Away wins the 7th be perpared for a power outage in the Tampa area as the tote board lights up. Remember the late in the year Campbell/Allen double at Pinnacle.

    PS. He’ll be the grayish roan just like his daddy Skip Away.

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