Seasons Greetings

Happy holidays to you and yours from the staff of The Michigan-Bred Claimer (you know, me).

May the new year bring you success on the track, in the sales ring and at the windows.

While I have your attention, check out what my aunt had made for me as a Christmas gift…

Check me out. I have my own merch.

It came with a couple shirts and a winter cap with the same logo. Awesome. Next time you see me at the races, I just might look like I know what I’m doing.

Have a safe and happy holidays, gang!


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6 responses to “Seasons Greetings

  1. QQ

    Happy Christmas wishes right back at you, MBC. (You get a hat, you’re big enough to go by your initials!)

  2. crschanz

    That hat is pretty cool, Joe, and I’m sure the other attire is as well. Very thoughtful gift. Seasons Greetings to you too.

  3. old timer

    Awesome cap, MBC. I’ll keep my eye out for it next time I am at Pinnacle. Also, nice job all year long on the great web site. Happy New Year 2010!

  4. Merry Christmas. You’ve arrived….the hat confirms it. Keep up the good work in 2010.

  5. mibredclaimer

    Thanks, everyone!

    May all your longshots be true and your head-bobs favorable.

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