Michigan horsemen’s groups to buy race dates

Questions and searches keep coming in pertaining to the number of race dates that will be run at Michigan’s racetracks following the Gaming Control Board’s decision to drastically slash the days it would regulate into the single digits. While little has been been put in stone as of right now, here are the latest versions of the projected schedules based on published reports and interviews.

Horsemen’s groups at Pinnacle Race Course and Mount Pleasant Meadows have announced their intentions to purchase additional days of regulation from the state. Actions at both tracks require approval from the state government.

UPDATE: See? I told you things were subject to change. From the Michigan HBPA website

PINNACLE/HBPA: Both have reached a tentative agreement to enable the 2010 season to get underway….backside to open May 15 and track for training Monday 17th…meet will consist of 44 race days thru Oct. 31, 2010. This agreement has been presented to the MGCB for their approval. Live racing to begin June 26th thru Oct. 31, 2010

More information will be made available when the agreement is approved and final.

In an email conversation with Mount Pleasant Meadows mutuel manager Chris Christensen, it was learned that Mount Pleasant Meadows plans to open May 23 for an 11-day meet. Live racing will be held Sundays through Aug. 12.


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9 responses to “Michigan horsemen’s groups to buy race dates

  1. a horse of a different color

    Michigan trainers Gerald Bennett, John Rupert, Bob Gorham, James Jackson, Richard Rettele, and Sandy Adkins (Charlie Williams) all have horses entered Friday at Thistledown. It looks like jockeys Federico Mata and Jeffrey Skerrett are there to ride too. Not a good sign for Michigan racing.

  2. Kendra Klumpp

    My husband and our trainer spent last weekend hauling horses to Mountaineer Park in West Virginia and Presque Isle Downs in Erie Pennsylvania–we are not going to sit around and wait for Michigan to jerk the horseman around once again— we will go where they appreciate the business of the horsemen !

  3. mibredclaimer

    A horse of a different color,
    Many of the trainers on that list at least have a presence at Thistledown and/or Indiana Downs most years before the Pinnacle meet. It’s never a bad idea to have some starts under a horse before the state-bred programs start up (May 15 is an awful long time away to start getting into race shape), and in Michigan’s current situation, it’s hard to blame anyone for having a backup plan. Plus, Thistledown is centrally located between tracks like Pinnacle, Mountaineer, Presque Isle, Indiana/Hoosier etc., so it’s easier to ship from that base.

    As for the riders, I thought they usually rode at Indiana Downs before Pinnacle’s meet, so that’s a bit of a surprise.

    All of that said, unless Pinnacle’s entries start coming up and those names aren’t on the list, I don’t see too much cause for alarm.

    Can’t say I blame you one bit. The state is losing millions in potential income to other states from horsemen and women leaving for places that will treat them better, and all they can do is jam the knife a little deeper. Best of luck to you at Presque Isle Downs this year and continued success at Mountaineer.

  4. ragman

    Guess who doesn’t take Montaineer??

  5. BWT

    I can’t wait to see what new low purses will be dropping down to IF the MGCB will even approve the tentative agreement. Are we going to be talking about a $15K Sire Stakes this year? I realize that Jerry Campbell, of course, built Pinnace to make money, but if I were him I’d seriously consider shuttering it for a year. Kendra you said it straight, how many times do you have to get kicked in the teeth before you realize it hurts? Why would any horsemen with quality horses that can compete out of state even bother to run in Michigan?

  6. ragman

    For Pinnacle how many officials are there? Where do they come from? What do they do?
    Is the Track Veterinarian one of the officials? I have never seen so many “On the advice of the Track Veterinarian # so and so is scratched” unload and reload and try again.
    Do thoroughbred officials work the trots and visa-versa? Do they have to prove competentcy? Has anyone ever been called before these guys to explain reversals of form? Anyone know an official and what was his occupation five years ago? Are they making more money this year or is the state just collecting a bigger markup? Are there officials for the card games at the tracks? So many questions and so few answers.

  7. To the first response, these trainers had to apply for stalls somewhere in case Pinnacle was a no go. And now most of them will have to constantly ship in. Other tracks don’t like it when you request stalls then split. If they do, they may never get stalls at that track again. Can’t blame these trainers for going to Thistle. They had to go somewhere.

    Most experienced State Vets

    I know Dr. William Frank well, has been around for many years and is very competent and works both the Thoroughbred and Standard-bred meets. Nicest Vet at DRC and Pinnacle. I don’t know that he was at the Harness meets prior to DRC’s closing.

    Dr. Nancy Edwards is also very competent.

    These are the only two vets that worked DRC & mostly Pinnacle. I never ever knew a Vet who worked Harness that also worked T.B. meet.

    Dr. Frank & Edwards were DRC’s only State vets that I saw daily for all of my years there.

  8. And NO the Vets are not considered officials.
    That is strictly the Stewards.

  9. Take that back.
    And the Clocker who is an assistant to the Stewards.

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