Rettele featured in Cincinnati local TV news story

Jockey Richard Rettele and Fearles Fred won their second straight stakes race in Tuesday's Queen City Dash Stakes at River Downs.

When Richard Rettele wins a stakes race at Mount Pleasant Meadows, hardly anyone bats an eye. In fact, it’s usually expected.

When Rettele does it at River Downs, it makes the local news.

Then again, Rettele’s win aboard Fearles Fred in Tuesday’s $15,000 Queen City Dash Stakes was his first since turning 70 on Aug. 8. Even more impressive is the fact that he missed the track record for 350 yards by just .055 of a second. It was the second race in a row won by Rettele and Fearles Fred where the pair came within a fraction of a second of setting a new mark.

Rettele’s appearance alone garnered attention from the track, including an interview prior to the race with track announcer Pete Aiello and various promotional photos (for those of you with Facebook accounts).

The race, and its outcome, drew the attention of WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, who did a feature on Rettele for its Wednesday evening news. Included in the piece is an interview with River Downs’ Director of Publicity John Engelhardt, the video of the race itself and clips of Rettele’s interview with Aiello.

To view the TV feature, along with a write-up on the channel’s website, click here.

Daily Racing Form reporter C.A. Shoemaker also did a story about Rettele’s 70th birthday and his continued success in the saddle. That story can be read here.

The Blood Horse put a story on its website Thursday about Rettele’s win, which can be read here.

The Associated Press has also gotten in on the story, with a video based largely on the footage provided by River Downs. I have been told the video was featured on the front page of Yahoo News.

I’m working on a story of my own about Rettele for the Midwest Thoroughbred magazine, so to avoid the risk of scooping myself, I’m going to let the above pieces do the talking for now.

However, I will go as far as to say I am a big admirer of his work, and he provided a fantastic interview when I spoke to him for the aforementioned article. Rettele is a class act and great at telling his fascinating story.


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8 responses to “Rettele featured in Cincinnati local TV news story

  1. Loved the article and Richard. He and Carol are great people. Sure miss them and the Harrison’s. Congratulations on another great horse! Gotta love his momma!

  2. BWT

    What a crying shame that this didn’t happen in MICHIGAN, as it should have! Can we forward this article to the Gaming Commision? What does it take for Lansing to come out of it’s coma?
    Thank God people like the Rettele’s – it’s the hard working people like them who deserve to be recognized – and are the backbone of the industry in this state.

  3. EJH

    Your last sentence hits it on the head. Rettele is a class act!! He is an outstanding horseman and a fantastic individual. I admired him when I was a 10 year old kid. Now as an adult I have even more respect for him and his work ethic. People like Richard Rettele give racing a good name.

  4. mibredclaimer

    Definitely can’t argue with results like Precious Debutante has provided. Can’t wait to see her two-year-old next year.

    Well, he did win a $21k race at Mount Pleasant on Aug. 1, but the only people that wrote about it were me and Stallionesearch. Gotta give props to the River Downs marketing team for getting the story out. They do good work down there.

    Your comment hit it just as square on the head as mine. He was definitely a big part of our win picture with Janie’s Echo.

  5. ragman

    I think the Rettele’s do pretty good in Michigan with their QHs considering the interest in them from the average horse player. When the purses paid out exceed by far what is bet in the mutuel pools then something is very wrong. What would you have Lansing do?

    When Campbell led all the Michigan horsemen to Muskegon many political ties were severed and he isn’t gaining many friends since returning.

    • BWT

      Ragman I know I’m probably preaching to the choir with you but here’s my 2 cents:
      I would have Lansing immediately reinstate the Racing Commision, instead of having racing under casino control (which it is, no matter how they try to whitewash it). I think it goes without saying that there is a scandal of Kwamesque proportions behind that move. In addition, the current system of distribution of the simulcast tax money by Lansing is nothing short of extortion. We horseman are dealing with a hostile government and although I know it would be a financial impossibility, there is nothing I would have like to see more than Michigan tracks shuttered for this year, let Lansing how to figure out to make up our money without being crushed by an impeachment avalanche. Though it sounds like that’s exactly what will happen this November, the unfortunate thing is that it will be too late to have an impact on the 2011 racing budget.
      Yes the Rettele’s do well in Michigan, considering the QH’s only got 11 racing days this year, and that was only 11 days worth of betting on MI races. It’s a rotten shame when good solid Michigan horsemen like the Rettele’s have to travel to out of state tracks to run their Michigan bred horses!

  6. ragman

    We probably have a lot of agreement.
    I would hope that Rick Snyder with no political connections gets elected Governer and then appoints a Racing Commissioner with NO political connections. That office has long been filled by the politically connected. Robert Geake being the most useless. He was the frontman in stopping horse racing from doing anything.

    Homebreds? In the 50’s tracks didn’t open till late May. Toledo opened in early May and many Michigan horses ran there. As soon as Michigan started opening earlier we were treated to half a dozen 4f races a day as the horsemen had to get their stock in shape. A Michigan racing season should run from May to October. No reason to enclose a grandstand.
    My benchmark for homebreds is Citation. Born a stones throw from the Keeneland ran 45 times, never at Keeneland and only twice at Churchill. Travel is nice and maybe the Mi-Breds at other tracks might entice some out of state bettors to bet Pinnacle on the simulcast or internet.
    I don’t think Gorham or Mata would complain about their trip to Hoosier last night.

  7. rox

    Mid or early April to early December, no enclosed grandstand, 5 days a week, wouldn’t that be grand? It was done in the North and is still being done. You would get some cancellations, of course, but such is racing. So how do we bring it back?

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