Four Pinnacle jockeys fail breathalyzer, suspended

The Daily Racing Form reports four jockeys at Pinnacle Race Course have been suspended for ten calendar days after failing a breathalyzer test prior to Sunday’s card.

Tommy Molina, Federico Mata, Jeffrey Skerrett, and Wade Rini all registered at least a blood alcohol content of 0.05 per cent, according to Michigan stewards Bob Coberley, Daryl Parker and Richard Garrison. Parker said the tolerance level for riding is less than the 0.08 per cent limit for impaired driving. All of the riders were detained during the remainder of the card while they were given hearings that led to suspensions of 10 calendar days each, which began on Sunday.

Coberley said that Molina had been arrested at some point after Saturday’s card for driving under the influence, and that required his testing, which prompted the entire room to be tested

– C.A Shoemaker, Daily Racing Form

The article states the tests were conducted before Sunday’s races, which led to Pinnacle’s first race being delayed 20 minutes as horsemen worked to find new riders. Molina was scheduled for seven mounts on Sunday. Mata and Rini were booked to ride nine races, while Skerrett had six mounts.

Molina, Mata and Skerrett are currently Pinnacle’s three leading riders by wins. Rini is ranked 18th.


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