Michigan Equine Partnership releases voter’s guide

The Michigan Equine Partnership, a coalition that includes several Michigan horseman’s groups, has released a voter’s guide featuring endorsements for each State Legislative seat up for grabs and the Governor’s race.

The candidates selected by the organization’s Political Action Committee were chosen because they “meet or exceed the requirements for support from the equine interests across the state.” Those requirements are not stated in the newsletter.

Most notably, the Michigan Equine Partnership endorses Republican candidate Rick Snyder to become Michigan’s next Governor.

For a full list of the MEP-PAC endorsed candidates, click here and scroll down to the fourth page.

Please note, the candidates on this list are not necessarily endorsed by myself or anyone else affiliated with this site. The only state-level candidate to receive the official Michigan-Bred Claimer endorsement in this election is 70th House District incumbent Mike Huckleberry.

However, if there are readers out there still on the fence about a particular race or candidate, a little more information is never a bad thing.

A hat tip goes out to mi-horses.com for getting me on the scent of the guide.


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2 responses to “Michigan Equine Partnership releases voter’s guide

  1. Thanks, Joe, for the credit for this research on the candidates. I find it interesting that only 1 out of 6 candidates queried responded to the MEP’s questionnaire. Either the Michigan horse industry is a hot potato or a dead issue.

    By the way, I was at the track on Saturday, too. While I was busy getting reacquainted with trainers and owners and scrutinizing each equine athlete before each run, my daughter was wagering and winning. How complete can a day get!

    Tania at mi-horses.com (riverbendequineappraisals.com)

  2. ragman

    A couple of poor endorsements..
    41st dis st rep Marty Knollenberg…did he ever vote for money for the industry. I don’t think so.

    86th dis st rep..Lisa POSTHUMMUS-Lyons.. son of Richard Posthummus ex lobbyist for the casino’s in their war against the tracks in getting prop 1 passed banning other forms of gambling at the tracks. Seeing that she choses to retain the Posthummus name I’m sure she’ll be easily located by the current casino lobbyists.

    And what about prop 1(?) this year? Re-writing the Constitution. What could change for gambling if that was to pass?

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