Pinnacle Race Course suspends simulcast operations

Effective immediately, Pinnacle Race Course will cease simulcast operations until 2011, a track press release announced Tuesday.

The release cited Michigan’s difficult economic conditions, the Michigan Gaming Control Board’s drastic reduction of race dates, made up with funds from the state’s horsemen’s groups, and the board’s rescinding of funding from the state’s simulcast tax as reasons for the closure.

The track will remain open to cash out tickets Nov. 3-5 from noon to 6 p.m. and Nov. 8-12 from noon to 2 p.m..

A specific date was not given for the track’s re-opening next year. The MGCB recently approved an 84-day live meet at Pinnacle for 2011.

Pinnacle’s hiatus will also have an effect on the payment of outstanding purse money expected to be covered by incoming simulcast funds.

From the Michigan HBPA website

The loss of simulcast purse revenue will have an impact on issuing the balance of purses earned to the horsemen and women. Purses will be paid, but it may take a little longer.

Closing down simulcasting for the winter is a tactic that has been employed by other tracks in the midst of economic difficulties. Last year, Ellis Park in Henderson, Ky. suspended simulcast operations from Nov. 8, 2009 to April 1, 2010 to cut costs.

To view the track’s full press release, click here.


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4 responses to “Pinnacle Race Course suspends simulcast operations

  1. It was pretty much set in stone a month ago that after the last live racing day of Oct. 31 that Pinnacle would be completely be shut down. Knowing no patrons would any longer be coming there for 2 or 3 tracks. It’s a damn shame that this Thoroughbred track won’t be open and running when the Breeders cup runs. All I can say that for all those who know what Horse Racings has been and meant to this State in the past. A viable force and worth that has brought in much revenue over the course of 77 years. Many people need to be contacting newly elected Governor Rick Snyder over the next coming weeks and months.

    And I mean hard with no let up. Time for quite must be done with. Harness sees Pinnacle’s problems as some sort of victory for them, too blind to recognize that this legislative body seems to want Horse Racing gone period. Which includes Standardbreds. We need about 1,000 plus Horsemen/Woman/Agriculture, the more the better showing up in Lansing when this new Governor is sworn in. And make their presence known. The time for wait has been long gone.

    We are not the only Track or State hurting where Horse Racing is concerned. But we are unique that we aren’t very vocal about our situation. We can write and post until we are blue in the face. Action will always speak louder than anything words that can be written. It’s time everyone is on the same page standing as one and unison. We must march into Lansing the powerful herd we know we are and take our voices to the Governor, House & Senate in person and make them not only acknowledge our right to exist but bring in the numbers that Horse Racing has brought in by revenue in 77 years.

    And the fact that not only do we have a right to continued existence but the undeniable fact that we have EARNED that right.

    Rick Snyder says he about jobs. Well fine and dandy talking about bringing in new ones. Let’s talk keeping about 42,000 that are already here through Horse Racing. Because if he doesn’t care about losing this force, I don’t see how in the world he can look anybody in the face talking about any new.

    Right now he and this State holds our fate. Try giving us the much needed help to not only keep these 42,000 jobs. But to do it in a way that benefits both Horse Racing and the State. I’m sure Indiana could give him the Stats. And how much more revenue they have because of their decisions to aid Horse Racing there.

    This should be no brainer for a Geek.

    Sorry Joe, this started out to be a very short comment? Oh Well it is what it is. Truth.

  2. ragman

    I think I sent you the commentary from a Detroit paper in 2004 by Richard Posthummus titled, “Don’t Bet The Farm” a little hatchet job on the racing industry in Michigan. Well Mr. Post has just got appointed senior adviser to Rick Snyder where he will develope public policy and get those proposals through the legislature. I believe he was a paid lobbyist for the Indian casinos. This is like trying to shovel s**t against the tide.

  3. BWT

    Every single person in Michigan who made any kind of living from horse racing should be filing for public assistance, even if you don’t feel you qualify or don’t think you can get it, to send the VERY CLEAR message to Mr. Snyder what Granholm’s decisions in regards to the racing industry did to this state as far as amping up unemployment. Rochelle Riley’s editorial in the Free Press was nauseating – she begged Snyder to keep the film industry incentives in effect to “help the poor”. I bet 42,000 displaced horse industry workers applying for public assistance will pretty much annihilate and gains generated by film industry in Michigan……

  4. Clem Kadiddle

    Holy crap! I am just now finding out about this. I went to the web site to see when racing was going to start this year only to find out it is down.

    Goes to show you how the absence of horseracing coverage in our local newspapers continues to contribute to the demise of racing.

    This is just the start of what is happening across the country. Eventually, only the major racing centers will be left. This really sucks.

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