Michigan Notebook: November 15, 2010

According to the track’s Facebook page, Pinnacle Race Course will be featured in Tuesday’s episode of police drama Detroit-187. It is not known whether scenes will take place on location, or if the track will simply be mentioned by one of the show’s characters. The press release for the upcoming episode does not mention the track, but one of the characters is a high-stakes poker player. The show will air at 10 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

– The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians has unveiled a website outlining its plans for a casino and resort on the former site of Great Lakes Downs. The site includes concept art of the casino, endorsements from local and state government and the steps necessary to make the casino a reality. A compact amendment was signed between the tribe and Gov. Jennifer Granholm to proceed with the casino, but it has not been carried through by the state Legislature. The Muskegon Chronicle reports that if the compact amendment is not acted upon by Dec. 31, it will die in committee. Additional discussion on the proposed casino can be found in the Chronicle story, including arguments for and against the plans.

– The Michigan Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association is collecting donations for its annual year-end silent auction. If any readers or their businesses are interested in donating an item or service, feel free to contact myself or MTOBA directly. For more information on the MTOBA banquet, and for contact information to make reservations, click here.

– In a small bit of chest-thumping, a snippet of my epitaph on the Breeders’ Cup Classic in Thoroughbred Times TODAY was listed as a “Quote of the Day” on Horse Circle, a blog operated by an Ocala, Fla.-based Thoroughbred breeder. I am honored that readers find my work quoteworthy. I hope to supply bulletin board material to you all for years to come.


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11 responses to “Michigan Notebook: November 15, 2010

  1. Longshot

    If you’re using custom CSS with PressRow we’ve made a short list of some of the differences between the two themes that might affect your styles.

    •#content_box is now #content-box.
    •The h4 tag that held the entry date is now simply a div with the class of entry-meta.
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    What in the hell does any of this mean???

    My response on the forums.

    I have absolutely no idea to what any of this defines. I’ve got a picture of my own as the Header. So I take it it’s going to disappear? I won’t like that at all since on my About Me tab I refer to that picture because it is where I worked all my life and ties in to half of what I write about. All I know anytime I’ve came to these forums about anything I get attacked by the same individuals with sarcasm.

    I will be happy if the editation becomes easier. Because I find this the most time consuming aggravating thing on my Blog. Sometimes I can lay down a blog in 20 minutes, but it takes 4 hours to edit it the way you want it. Between Visual and HTML it’s a nightmare.

    I know how to sign in and write, I’m no computer whiz. Whatever changes come it can’t be anymore confusing than wondering why you can’t edit how you want things on your blog. Or can it?


    I’m used to living my life in a constant state of confusion. So I should be fine.

  2. mibredclaimer

    All that technical mumbo jumbo only applies if you host your blog on a different server than WordPress, which I’m pretty sure you don’t, so don’t worry about it.

    The theme I have now is the one that replaces PressRow by default, which is pretty close. If you just make the switch and nothing else, it’ll look just like the old design. I just added the second column on the left because I wanted to space things out a little more.

    You will have to re-upload your picture, but that’s really the only major change I had to make from the transition, aside from a few other elective cosmetic procedures. I haven’t posted anything since the switch, but that format doesn’t look to have changed much.

    We’ll get through this. We always do. 🙂

  3. I am building a partner based thoroughbred stable. To promote to those who are new and those who thought the dream of ownership was beyond their means. I am giving away 5% shares of your pick from 3 nice race horses. This is about Fun and building relationships. It is also about making a self sufficient stable that does the right things for Horses,owners,trainers. It would make a great gift. please express intrest here and perhaps Joe could give you our info?

  4. Longshot

    Sorry Scott but I don’t look at these Horses as a Stock with Shares. You know why Zenyatta’s record shows a lost when it was anything but?

    Because after that magnificent performance in the 2009 Breeders Cup Classic. Her owners wanted to have some fun with her, like she was a toy.

    I would of gladly and lovingly settled for 14-0. My point: These Horses show more Heart and Love than sadly some of those who own them. I understand maybe you want to get others involved, or maybe for other reasons.

    But the greatest gift of owning a Race Horse is too be able to look into their eyes and listen when they’re trying to tell you something. These Beautiful powerful Horses are warm blooded feeling creatures. And the only way to really want to own one is to love them first. I don’t see Horse Racing strictly as a business.

    That is what has been wrong with it for years. Many times a Horse tells people when it’s time to stop, but people are too busy strategizing how to keep making money off them. I’ve had 34 years to buy and own 100% of many of Horses. For me there is a very specific reason why I never did.

    I love them far too much.

    Shares? Unless I can see them each and every single day and know they are being taking care of, there is no way I’d trust anybody else to the decisions of what, where or when that Horse Races or Doesn’t. It’s also about knowing when to retire one.

    One should be around & learn them for years before buying an interest in them. When you don’t other peoples decisions can cause a lot of heartbreak in more ways than one. Yes it’s about fun, but also about a responsibility to the Horse who you’re looking to for making you the money. Their eyes tell you when it’s time for enough. And you respond to them with the same heart that they give you every time they race.

    And I’ve never believed in long distance relationships. I want to be right there at all times. Besides my hands would be the only ones rubbing what I owned.

    When people can look at them with Love for what they really are, instead of some potential $$$. Only then should one want to own one. Stocks and Shares are meant to be bought make money then sold off.

    A Horse is so much more. They have a Heart that beats and they’ll give you back more than money. They’ll give you back more Love then you could ever imagine. Nothing you could ever buy and nothing you’d want to ever sell off.

    But the best of Luck in your endeavors. Treat them with the respect and the love they deserve.

  5. Wow great post. That is the way I feel as well. If you look at our site you will see some of the same thoughts. I am very lucky to have found Jay as our trainer. I wasnt always so lucky. The last trainer I had I showed up unanounced and was horrified when I seen Magics care. He was removed that day. I also know that these fine animals need care beyond the day they no longer can or care to race. I wont take on a partner who don’t feel that way. OUR MOTTO IS DOING THE BEST WE CAN 1 HORSE AT A TIME. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thanks for the input

  6. P.S there is a link to stable under comments from previous post about the Mi bred mare totals.

  7. OH BTW Joe, that featured piece on Pinnacle in Detroit 187 I had to laugh, because the TV in the background of one scene was showing a race being supposedly run live. You could tell it was Pinnacle as the turned the quarter pole and started passing the barns.

    I wonder if they paid Jerry to allow the usage of that footage. In reality Jerry should of been paying them for the coverage. LOL

    Our big debut

  8. mibredclaimer

    Yeah, I saw that. I thought they made a pretty concerted effort to make sure it got in the shot during its second appearance, almost to the point of awkward cinematography. But hey, you can’t beat the exposure. I wonder what race they used?

    Kind of symbolic, though…Everyone in the scene is playing poker, no one is paying attention to the horses.

  9. It is sad to go to Pinnacle. It is equal to Suffolk on its best day. From a business point of view, they should shut down alot of tracks. Add a few new ones. Combine all the state revenue disperse it evenly. Limit the number of horses a trainer can train. It is a sport and much like other major sports its had to adjust to survive. By coming together to create an even playing field. From a personal point of view some would feel robbed im sure.

  10. ragman

    How is Pinnacle on it’s best day equal to Suffolk? Not by handle.
    Beulah Park this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will have full fields while offering 40% less in purses and will see mutuel pools of over $1mil per day. To quote Preston Burch,”Since we live by the return from the pari-mutuels, we must attract the players.” Pinnacle doesn’t seem to be doing that.
    Pinnacle has/had a chance to get out-of-state revenue but that requires running Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the big boys aren’t running. That doesn’t seem to be the plan for next year.
    The Campbells need to bring in a manager and get out of trying to run a racetrack. They probably are more versed in reading the Mountaineer condition book . Pinnacle has been a disater the way it was operated. If you doubt that just consider that the thoroughbred horsemen waiting for their checks are dependent on three harness tracks generating enough money from the simulcast tax.
    Maybe there is a racetrack angel waiting in the wings but don’t hold your breath.

  11. I meant by in terms of size of fields, and quality of those 6 horse fields. I feel pretty confident that we won’t see the track make it thru next year. Sad as most of us hold out hope like a 30 yr old waiting for Santa with milk and cookies. Thats why I race mine in W.V.
    The true answer is more particaption. There is no shortage of horses. We need more owners!!! A big reason I am trying what I am with my stable. I am trying to give 5% shares of 3 nice horses..75.00 a month to be an owner. I have given only 3 so far..That with with out collecting a dime from them..I trust that on the 1st they will send money in..WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. START AT THE TOP.THE OWNERS.BECOME ONE..Tell me Ragman do you own horses, Bet them, both..I can tell you are more then just a fan and very passionate about the sport? People look at my web site. Link is on post about MI mares. Tell me what you think..I am not doing this to make money but to build a team..Don’t hold back..Joe i would like your thought as well..People that read these blogs etc are the ones WE need to make it.

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