The Haiku Handicapper: 2010 Eclipse Award Predictions

Two-Year-Old Male
Eclipse voters will
Say “Mo money, Mo problems”
For the ’08 crop

Two-Year-Old Female
A well-rounded group
Cup win makes eclipse Awesome
Calder celebrates

Three-Year-Old Male
Uninspired crop
Lucky was the best last year
The title stays his

Three-Year-Old Female
Division runs deep
Blind Luck wins races by heads
Wins award by lengths

Older Male
Top two going in
Are the top two at the end
Blame swept the series

Older Female
One choice – Zenyatta
Nary a filly or mare
Could dent her armor

Turf Male
Two hit the wire
Cup effort gives Gio nose
Over Winchester

Turf Female
Her lone U.S. start
Is the tip of the iceberg
Goldi is solid

Male Sprinter
All worthy options
Majestic’s campaign cut short
Big Drama gets it

Female Sprinter
Champagne tailed off late
Rightly So checked out early
Dubai Majesty

Each has a Grade One
Hard to top 25 lengths
Slip Away’s the champ

Go-Go’s gutsy Cup
Earns honorable mention
But it’s Ramon’s year

Apprentice Jockey
The leader by wins
Also leader by earnings
Omar Moreno

Two classic winners
Three others on Derby trail
Winstar was loaded

Derby demons quashed
Along with everyone else
The world is Pletcher’s

If Stronach ran tracks
Like he runs Adena Springs
We’d be better off

Horse of the Year
Zenyatta or Blame?
Winning head-to-head won’t trump
Winning hearts and minds


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5 responses to “The Haiku Handicapper: 2010 Eclipse Award Predictions

  1. Old Time Race Fan

    Very nice job. I cannot resist a comment or two.
    First, isn’t that cool that Omar Moreno’s name fits the Haiku perfectly?
    Second, “tip of the iceberg” — a great metaphor for Goldikova.
    Thirdly, you are for Zenyatta! That announcement alone will make the awards night quite an event. Just this reader’s opinion, Blame should win this year but I still believe that Zenyatta was robbed last year. What is lost in all the debate is what a great couple of years it has been for this sport. Some real stars have graced the track.
    Nice writing.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Old Time Race Fan,
    Thank you, sir!
    1) That was a pleasant surprise for me, too. Five-syllable people and horses make my job a whole heck of a lot easier.
    2) Thanks! Goldikova is definitely the real deal. After observing the European press at Breeders’ Cup, they seem to love her like America loves Zenyatta, sans the militant behavior.
    3) Hold on now, I never said I was for or against anyone. These are just my picks on who I THINK will win the awards (Though, truth be told, I’d probably pick Zenyatta if I were forced to choose).

    Either way, I look forward to seeing how it all folds out. Less so all the shouting that will inevitably occur after the fact.

    • Old Time Race Fan

      Okay Joe. Now you can go ahead and take full credit for a clean sweep…. (including Zenyatta and O-mar Mo-re-no)!

      • mibredclaimer

        Yes, I am quite proud of myself for that – Even if there were really only two or three awards that had any serious doubt to them. Five syllable-named jockeys rule!

  3. Gina

    LOL, horses are poetry; go Zenyatta!

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