Expanding the brand

The recent weeks have provided several opportunities to expand my presence to bigger stages on the printed page, online and over the airwaves. Here is what’s going on…

– In the coming issues, I will be debuting as a columnist for Arabian Finish Line magazine. My monthly column, “Making Claims”, will examine topics in the Arabian racing world and elsewhere through my usual off-kilter prism of perspective, and hopefully provide an entertaining and provocative experience for readers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the good people at Arabian Finish Line for providing this opportunity. I look forward to providing a new voice to the publication.

To learn more about Arabian Finish Line, and to subscribe so you can read the column for yourself, click here.

– In related news, I have been invited to attend the Darley Awards in Houston, Tex. on March 5. The Darley Awards are the Arabian equivalent to Thoroughbred racing’s Eclipse Awards. The weekend’s festivities also include a pair of Arabian stakes races at nearby Sam Houston Race Park, so I will get to check off another track to visit, as well. Expect some observations on the entire event at the conclusion of the weekend.

– The Michigan-Bred Claimer now has its own Facebook page! The social network fan page will feature links to the blog and other items relevant to Michigan horse racing, as well as other thoughts and conversations too small to expand upon in the blog. To visit the page and become a fan, click here.

– Last weekend marked my second round matchup in the Post Parade Lead Pony Challenge against noted author and handicapper Steve Davidowitz. I regret to report that I did not emerge victorious. After having great success playing Gulfstream Park and Tampa Bay Downs in the first round, the state of Florida went cold for me over the weekend.

However, the matchup did afford me two opportunities to chat with the contest’s hosts, Molly Jo Rosen and Bruno DeJulio, on their Post Parade podcast. Outside of discussing my picks for the weekend, topics covered over the two shows included vocal impersonations (Hulk Hogan, Andy Beyer, thick-accented Italians), professional wrestling, the Aaron Rodgers championship belt and the rallying cry for fans of comedy podcast Sklarbro Country – “Henderson!!!”

My first appearance on the podcast, where I am the first guest, can be listened to here. Sunday’s podcast, where I show up around the 42:30 mark, can be heard here.

I would like to thank Bruno and Molly Jo for letting me join the fun for the inaugural competition and wish them the best of luck through its conclusion. If they include Mount Pleasant Meadows among the tracks for their next tournament, I just might consider a return appearance.


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3 responses to “Expanding the brand

  1. Man, I so wanted to tweet: Down Goes Davidowitz! Down Goes Davidowitz! Oh well…there’s always next year. Congrats on the Arabian gig.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Just wanted to give you a big pat on the back for your article that is in the current Finish Line. Very well, said and so true. I’ve been racing Arabians for about 20 years now and can tell from what I have seen and experienced racing Arabians in Texas (primarily), Delaware, California, Colorado, and Florida (in the day), we need them all…claimers to GI.

    Glad to have you writing for Finish Line. After Alan’s article in this same current issue as yours, horrifically in opposition to your article, and the fact Alan Kirchner owns Finish Line, shows him to have some redeeming qualities afterall.

  3. mibredclaimer

    That would have been a pretty monumental upset, indeed. My big downfall was I got too cute chasing prices. Should have stuck to the plan and just picked winners regardless of the odds. That appears to be the winning formula for the contest. If MPM is included in the next competition, I guarantee victory.

    Darla Ripley,
    Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m happy to be on board. I noticed when I picked up this month’s issue that it was kind of an interesting point/counterpoint. Nothing wrong with a little healthy, good-spirited debate. Hope to see you down there!

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