Mount Pleasant Meadows opens for training

Mount Pleasant Meadows is inching closer to the start of its 2011 meet.

Mixed breed racetrack Mount Pleasant Meadows opened its facilities for workouts on Wednesday in preparation for a 2011 live meet that looks more and more likely to occur.

The central Michigan oval became the destination of Michigan’s Thoroughbred meet following the voluntary surrender of Pinnacle Race Course’s racing license earlier this year. The track also features Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Arabian racing.

Local trainers Tom Dunlap and Dave Gates filled the day’s work tab with Quarter Horse and paint breezes. To view the times for Wednesday’s workouts, click here.

Mount Pleasant briefly opened the track for workouts in mid-May, but soon closed back up following a conflict with the state. The track’s simulcast area has been unaffected by those issues and remains open.

No official dates have been announced for Mount Pleasant’s 2011 meet, but speculation from reliable sources suggests that opening day will likely be scheduled for late July. According to the Michigan HBPA website, negotiations are currently being conducted between the racetrack and all of the horsemen’s groups involved to complete a contract and get racing underway.

The Morning Sun, Mount Pleasant’s local paper, was on the scene for the day’s workouts and put together a photo slideshow featuring an interview with Dave Gates. To view the slideshow, click here.

To follow all the workouts from Mount Pleasant Meadows as they become available day-by-day, click here.

UPDATE: The Morning Sun followed through on the photo slideshow with a story on the front page of Thursday’s print edition.


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5 responses to “Mount Pleasant Meadows opens for training

  1. With the breaking news of Ohio Legislatures Passing The Racetrack VLT Bill now leaving both Illinois & Ohio just one signature away from gaining the Slots. Michigan will be surrounded by every other State than us getting some intelligence to not only save their Horse Racing Industries within these States. But to gain much needed revenue for their States.

    It’s just a matter of time before all of Michigan Horse Tracks are closed and finished. Pinnacle is just a casualty of coming attractions here and to me it is appalling and pathetic.

    Our Unconcerned Lazy Legislators and Hypocrite Governor who ran on Jobs. What a joke.

    Don’t you know Michigan is Loaded!

    Not with Money or Brains but with totally and clueless Politicians who are losers.

  2. Old Time Race Fan

    maybe if there is a slight ray of hope, it is that they can use the old argument that “hey those are Michgan dollars going out of state. We need to keep those dollars at home”. It may be a “long shot” but it also just may work.

  3. Old Time Race Fan

    I see on MPM’s web site, they are posting dates for racing July 23 through October. Does this mean that the 2011 season is on after all? It sure sounds like it. Yeah!

  4. mibredclaimer

    That sure seems to be the case. I’d like to see the Gaming Board or HBPA come out with some kind of statement just to confirm it, but this is definitely a positive sign. If I get any more info, I’ll put it up.

  5. The MGCB extension date for Walter Bay to meet his conditions is July 5th. In reality he doesn’t have a License yet and many are wondering why one horse was allowed on the grounds. And there are multitudes of problems as far as the T.B.s are concerned. Like Jockey Insurance. Then the HBPA will have to vote if and when contract is finally in place. Walter Bay seems to be in worst financial shape then Jerry Campbell. And not all of the T.B. horsemen are on board with a MPM meet.

    Not trying to burst anybody’s bubble here. Just informing facts.

    And this new commenting format of WordPress if for the birds.

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