It’s On: Mount Pleasant Meadows approved for 2011 meet

After almost a year of uncertainty, Mount Pleasant Meadows will kick off its 2011 live meet this weekend.

Mount Pleasant Meadows has met the requirements set by the Michigan Gaming Control Board and will conduct a live meet in 2011.

The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon, before the races drew for the Sunday, July 24 opening card. Saturday’s races were canceled after entries were ordered by the state to cease Tuesday morning.

To make up for the cancelled day, some of the races from Saturday’s card were combined with Sunday’s to produce the opening program. A total of 82 horses were entered in the day’s 12 races – 11 Thoroughbred and one Quarter Horse.

Here is the revised schedule from the Michigan HBPA website…

Sunday Post Time 1pm

2011 Amended race dates:
Sunday July 24 and 31
Sunday August 14 (County Fair no racing 6th, 7th  or 13th)
Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21
Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28
Saturday Sept. 3, Sunday Sept. 4 and Monday Sept. 5
Saturday Sept. 10, Sunday Sept. 11
Saturday Sept. 17, Sunday Sept. 18
Saturday Sept. 24, Sunday Sept. 25
Saturday Oct. 1, Sunday Oct. 2
Saturday Oct. 8, Sunday Oct. 9
Saturday Oct. 15, Sunday 16
Friday Oct. 21, Saturday Oct. 22 and Sunday October 23
Friday Oct. 28, Saturday Oct. 29 and Sunday October 30

 An updated condition book will be posted as soon as it is made available.

One of the major stalling points in the process of getting approved by the state was the use of purse pool funds to offset operating expenses. To alleviate the problem, the track will charge a $400-per horse, per-entry starter fee. The fee is refunded if the horse does not start.

The Michigan HBPA will cover the ship-in costs for the first 200 Thoroughbreds to ship-in during the meet. Mount Pleasant has 55 ship-in stalls.

To read the Gaming Control Board’s executive order regarding Mount Pleasant Meadows, click here.


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23 responses to “It’s On: Mount Pleasant Meadows approved for 2011 meet

  1. And the word has already been issued by Thistledown’s today to ALL Michigan Horsemen. You enter & take your horses off the grounds to race at MPM.


    Yes this is going to be one interesting disaster that a few begged for just so they could mop up most of the purse money while throwing the rest of their fellow horsemen to the wolves. And as far as I’m concerned they should be thrown from the MIHBPA board. Especially the biggest cheer leader who cared only about his own behind. I find it despicable behavior.

    And the President should of been way more vocal instead of letting a few run him over.

    There are more problems here than the eye can see or anybody could know. This MPM decision has just put the majority of the Mi. Horsemen in an even harder predicament and I find that appalling. Selfishness without regard to what would happen to all and it should of never happened.

  2. mibredclaimer

    I’m under the impression that most people understand if they don’t want to run their horses at MPM, they don’t have to. I know of several trainers and owners who are keeping horses that have done well out of state at those tracks. Obviously, I don’t want to speak for anybody, because everyone’s situation is different, but if your horse was a $2,500 claimer at Thistle, and it can be a middle-of-the-road to above-average horse at MPM, you go where you stand the chance to make the most money. If it’s Thistle, you stay. If it’s MPM, you go.

    Thistledown has benefitted greatly from the exodus of Michigan talent to its track. By their definition, 82 horses will come off the books this weekend. I wonder if their stance would change once the blackballed horses start affecting the field size and talent pool? I heard that announcement yesterday, as well, and found it to be quite reactionary and short-sighted. I’m sure Mountaineer will be happy to pick up the slack once MPM’s meet wraps up.

    It’s clear that running at MPM was far from the ideal situation for the Thoroughbred community. I won’t argue that. But it’s the hand that was dealt. Maybe it’s not the long-term solution, but approaching the situation with such negativity will only ensure that we are all in the same predicament next year that we were for the first half of this year – an industry without a home and on the ropes.

  3. rox

    Same thing Great Lakes did to Michigan Horsemen who wanted or needed to run at MPM. What was someones favorite saying? What goes around………

  4. No settling for this crap will gain the Thoroughbred Horsemen no future.

    Your young and naive Joe. You write about Horse Racing but you have never actually been a part of it.

    12 Races Sunday:

    2 – 2furlong races
    5- 4 and a half furlong races
    3- 5 furlong races2
    1- 6 furlong race
    1 – 300 yard Quarter Horse Race

    This isn’t called Positive anything. It is what it is. Crap
    I say it like it is and I’m not alone. And the one Thoroughbred Owner who is on the HBPA board who is also a QHRA member was more interested in playing hero for the Quarter Horse Members and looking out for their and his best interest not the rest of the Thoroughbred Horsemen he is suppose to represent. And as far as I’m concerned they should boot him off the Board.

    Like last year at Pinnacle the T.B. Horsemen will again fund a race track. Walter Bay requested his mixed breed meet be cancelled in 2010 and his request was honored by the MGCB. They needed the Thoroughbreds to save them. MPM and the Quarter Horsemen.

    So you can tell somebody else about negativity. I fight for the Thoroughbred Horsemen not the Quarter- Horse Horsemen. One HBPA Board member was determined to take everybody in the wrong direction and thus he has gotten his way. But how beneficial will it honestly be for the HBPA and T.B. Horsemen?

    And in the end it will cost the HBPA

  5. I’ve never seen a 2 Furlong Thoroughbred race in my life on the track. It’s Bull.

    Just so the ones ( HBPA ) who voted yes on this sham can make some money.

    As you can see Rettelle is in the Quarter Horse Race. He stated very stern when asked about if he would run a horse for a route at MPM, NO I WOULD NOT.

    Speaks for itself.

  6. barb

    Santa Anita has 2 furlong races every year …… best shot to make a score …… if you know something!

  7. ragman

    At DRC in the 50s they had at least one QH/Thoroughbred match race at
    a 1/4 mile. I don’t think they had betting on it. It was an exhibition.
    They also had at least one 1/4 mile race at GLD for thoroughbreds. I just watched the replay.
    If the racing when I was younger was like the racing at GLD I’m quite
    sure I wouldn’t have become a fan. The racing at DRC and HP eventually got to a lot of 4, 4 1/2 races in the spring to accomodate all the local horses who wouldn’t leave the state over the winter to stay in
    competition. This is what racing in Michigan has digressed to.

  8. Old Time Race Fan


  9. rox

    Penn has always .had 220 races for thoroughbreds. If it’s the only way to save the purse pool and try for something better next year then go for it. Mi horsemen have been paying since Stronach at GLD. Just quit settling and try for more.

  10. Rox

    The Horsemen have been paying since they were unwilling to fight for DRC. That wasn’t a done deal. Livonia’s planning commission turned down the zoning for a shopping center. I went to every single council meeting Livonia had over DRC.

    Ladbroke and Millenium worked on the council in every respect including putting a lot of money in some pockets to sway their vote.

    If instead of only 10 Horsemen along with just Mitch Housey but 500 of us would of showed up there. We may have convinced them that DRC that made Livonia a city and it’s 1,500 employees ( over a Thousand + alone on the backside ) were worth keeping.

    Ladbroke were business people. Had the council as well turned down the zoning for a shopping center, Ladbroke would of had a choice of two. Forever pay taxes on the property or sell it off for what it had been for 49 years, a Race Track.

    The Horsemen laid down and willingly died with not as much as one fight.

    The same thing that has brought on this MPM b.s. meet.

    And the reason that the Horsemen chose to go clear across the State to Muskegon in 1999 was because nobody wanted to go and run at MPM. And as far as GLD doing whatever to those that NEEDED??? Did you Say? to run at MPM.

    If the best you’ve got can’t run longer then 4 or 5 Furlongs ever. You don’t need to be in the Thoroughbred aspect of the business to begin with.

    HBPA paying for shipping, Horsemen having to pay $400 prior to their race starting, the T.B.’s needed this?

    What so they could pay the bills at MPM that the Quarter Horsemen were unwilling to pay last year there.

    Foolish and insane. They might as well have flushed it down the toilet.

  11. ragman

    “shall provide the necessary equipment to send simulcast signals to all other race race meetings in this state, and shall send it’s intertrack simulcast signal to those licensees upon request for an agreed fee,”

    Does MPM have the equipment and has anyone requested the signal?

  12. Kendra Klumpp

    MPM is a rented facility having just a few years ago filed Bankruptcy—the GLQHA was not interested in coming to GLD when Stronach was talking of applying for a mixed breed license but oh how things change –they have never had a big enough operation to send out a simulcast signal and only simulcast a few tracks– mostly the larger tracks that you can see on TVG or HRTV daily–and do the horseman think that the Standared Breds are going to fund the Thoroughbreds forever –without simulcast revenue there will be no money after this.

  13. Excuse me Kendra Klumpp,


    The HBPA owns the right to withdraw their consent for the use of the Thoroughbred simulcasting signal at their descretion. And I have been the biggest vocalist on this very subject.

    The Harness exist solely off that T.B. simulcast signal and without the ability to the continuous use of it Harness would of had to close their doors long ago.

    Hazel Park & Northville downs patrons on Sat. & Sun. afternoon 95% of the wagering is on the T.B.’s. Even at night when live horses are racing on your Harness Tracks, more patrons are betting on the Thoroughbreds via those signals. Now how long do you think you could last without them?

    Thoroughbreds support the Standardbreds and don’t you ever forget it. You seem to have a lot things ass backwards here. So get an education.

    Instead of agreeing to this what will be a very costly venue for the T.B.’s at MPM, money they did not need to spend. I would of pulled that signal in a heartbeat.

    Frankly that’s what this State needs to finally wake those legislators up and come into the 21st century and give the tracks here the gaming other States that surround Mi. have given and two signatures away from more States signing slot bills into their tracks. Have all the tracks closed. Since it is of their opinion that Horse Racing doesn’t do a thing for this State.

    When they lose the revenue to the tune last year of $7 Million off the 3.5% simulcast, and all those horse players run to Canada with their American dollars maybe then they will see what they’ve truly have lost.

    But make no mistake here the Harness tracks would close down tomorrow if the HBPA withdrew their consent stopping that T.B. signal from inter-state signals. And it is their right to just like the New England HBPA did months ago with Suffolk and the support of 5 other HBPA chapters.

    Standardbreds have leeched off us long enough. It’s the T.B.’s that allow their existence.

  14. Kendra Klumpp

    I guess as a Michigan Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder, the point that I was trying to make is that the Thoroughbreds are going to offer live racing for 3 months and the StandardedBreds offer live racing nearly year around here in Michigan–so how long before they go to Lansing wanting a larger portion of funds because they offer more live racing here in Michigan than we are able to–especially when the people in Lansing don’t understand or don’t care to understand that Horse Racing does add money and create jobs in this State

  15. I cannot picture a Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder making the statement of ” and do the horseman think that the Standardbreds are going to fund the Thoroughbreds forever “.

    They do not race year round. Their dates have been cut as well. They just happen to race at 3 different tracks. Yes, Campbell had no business stopping the simulcasting but I stand by what I stated as truth. The Harness only exist because of the ability to simulcast T.B. signals. Again it is those signal that keep them alive.

    They aren’t supporting us, we allow them the use of that signal. Without it they would close down. That is the point.

  16. Let them try to go to Lansing and attempt to get more money. Reailty is the HBPA needs to step up to the plate and make the HARD decisions and stop being afraid of their own shadows. The have that ace in the hole but for whatever reason are frightened out of their wits to use it. And cowards in this lifetime go nowhere.

  17. ragman

    8:30 and no MPM results anywhere. Maybe the morning Free Press.

  18. Old Time Race Fan

    Just out of curiosity I looked for MPM results both at DRF and Equibase. No luck. What’s up with that?
    Best wishes Joe on your new job. From what I’ve seen and read, you’ll be great!

  19. DRF is not carrying MPM period nor Brisnet or NTRA. Pretty much self explanatory on what they think of a T.B. meet at a Quarter horse half mile track.

    Equibase had entries and as of Sunday for Results they posted NO FURTHER INFORMATION. Monday and at present it states NO RACING. Click onto more or the track and the calendar and date, it comes up with nothing.

    Now would you like an explanation? MPM & the HBPA haven’t came up with the new math they’re attempting to create. In the condition book it made reference to refunding the starter fee back to those who enter. When the MGCB saw it Eric Pederson sent off another letter basically saying what part of you not being able to use the purse pool didn’t you understand.

    The MPM cheerleader on the board, not the President or executive director sent one back saying it was misstated. Well there is a reason that the results and handle have not been released.

    So does 3+1, yet somebody is is trying to add it up to come out to something else and in theory they can’t. Because 2+2=4 & 3+1= still equals the same and you can sit until dooms days and you’ll never get it to add up anything different.

    $400 starters fee per horse. Yeah and somebody promised they’d give it right back only now you’re going to have to figure out how to do this. You touch the purse pool and the MGCB will shut them down in a heartbeat and fine them hefty.

    This question is not only being asked on this blog of why no release of the results or handle. It’s going to be interesting when they do release them and this State will go over it with a fine tooth comb.

    I just shake my head. Somebody put their foot in their mouth and can’t figure how to get it out. Horsemen won’t be paying that starters fee for long and who could blame them. Somebody made a promise that they can’t possibly keep without jeopardizing the HBPA and MPM.

    But this is only one opinion but I know what was being told to the horsemen and what cannot be messed with.

  20. mibredclaimer

    The Equibase charts for Sunday’s races at MPM are starting to trickle in. Keep refreshing this page as they are added:

  21. mibredclaimer

    FYI, this appears to be the reason for the chart delay, from a discussion on the MPM Facebook page: “Equibase operations department indicates that there is still a photo finish issue they are trying to resolve. Once this is completed they can chart the race”

  22. If all races were declared Official after the race, then it was official. So no such thing it’s a photo finish issue. They know better then to post such nonsense.

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