Handicapping Mount Pleasant Meadows: August 14, 2011

Just for a lark, and partially because I refuse to let go of the track despite my move to Lexington, I decided to break down this Sunday’s card at Mount Pleasant Meadows and give out my selections.

I analyzed each race horse-by-horse, included comments on each entry and made my top four picks. If my top four includes an alternate entry or both parts of a paired entry, I picked down to fifth place in case of scratches.

Hope you find it interesting, entertaining or useful. If my picks bomb, let’s try to lean toward “entertaining”. What do you want from me? I’m 500 miles away.

Best of luck to everyone at MPM on Sunday. I wish I could be there myself.

To view my analysis and picks for the August 14, 2011 card, click here.



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14 responses to “Handicapping Mount Pleasant Meadows: August 14, 2011

  1. ragman

    What happened to the early daily double on July 31st? The charts don’t show any pool or payoff.

  2. mibredclaimer

    Beats me. Maybe nobody played it.

  3. ragman

    Like yesterday’s late DD. Favorites in both races win and nobody has it.
    Appears that takeout is 28%.
    Is there a condition book available? I was going to send Jamie Ness and Joe Woodward a copy.

  4. Old Time Race Fan

    Looking at the charts, I have seen blanks for some of the payoffs. For example a winning horse pays whatever to win but there is no place payoff. I can only assume that nobody had a ticket to place on the horse. When the straight pool is say $400 the place and show pools may be less than $50 easily. Strange math.
    What it means is if you had placed a single $2 wager to place you’d have gotten half the pool. Bizzarre!

  5. rox

    Am curious as to how a trainer can have horses with another trainer, unless it’s because of the different breeds, but it is the same meet. Any answers.
    And in limited fields they don’t pay all places. So if they scratch down to 3 or 4 there won’t be full payouts
    Just wondering what will happen to the HBPA members who don’t run at Mt Pleasant this year. Will they lose their membership? And will the Board members be eligible with-out the required 5 starts?
    It’s kind of sad that Michigan racing isn’t being supported by their horsemen, because this is all they’ve got at the present.

  6. Otis

    28% takeout on the DD?!?!? That’s criminal. With such small pools they can’t be making any money. Why not lower the take out, advertise it heavily on the Internet, and turn the place into a bonanza for ADW and off site players?

  7. Old Time Race Fan

    I was not talking about a short field where they might say “no show betting”. MPM race 9 the 5 horse won and paid for win and show but there was no place price. The first race winner had win and place but no show price. However the 2nd and 3rd place horses had show prices. Another weird one was the tenth race where the 6 went off at 4-5 win odds but paid $18 to place and $10 toi show. Not bad for an odds on favorite!

  8. ragman


    Maybe you’re kidding. If your not the only place you can bet MPM is at MPM. No internet ADWs, no simulcast signals to anywhere and nobody cares(maybe Joe). It took Pony Express to get the first days results.

    They didn’t even try to get Pinnacle’s signal out when they were open.

    Also Pinnacle never carried Keeneland or Del Mar’s signal and I wonder now if Campbell thought that might take away from the live handle which
    I think he got to keep 100%.

  9. Otis

    Ragman, that’s kind of my point. The old model of getting players to physically show up to the track is dead. There are too many other alternatives for a player. Especially someone who lives some distance away from a track. Instead of concentrating on on-track handle the struggling tracks should make their product more appealing and, wait for it; more accessible. Lower takeout rates, free Internet video feeds, OTB/Keno style outlets, and running during times when the big KY, NY, and CA tracks are dark.

    I’m just frustrated because as a player all I hear about is how slots are the savior to racing. Great if they are; they seem to help the horsmen and track owners. But, where is the relief to us players? PA has slots fueled purses now and yet have some of the highest takeout in the nation.

  10. Surely you jest ROX?

    Support what? MPM a half mile Quarter horse track? Michigan horsemen went to legitimate Thoroughbred venues and MPM DOES NOT QUALIFY as such.

    How does one support Mi. T.B. racing when the track only a small few chose for personal reasons and agenda’s only has 300 stalls?

    Who in the hell wants to keep shipping in and out?

    Your statement is way off base.

  11. rox

    All of a sudden more of these trainers are willing to run at MPM, and it is the only recourse right now, either that or give the purse money back to the State or put it in escrow, which could and will be contested.
    Lack of stalls is not a major concern, shipping in and out goes on all the time, look at Presque Isle and on a smaller scale, Pinnacle itself. Great Lakes had the training center, which was in full use. You have Palm Meadows for Gulfstream in Fla., and farms everywhere else. With euro-sizers and pools, this is the new trend.
    It is your opinion that I am off base, and you are welcome to that, as am I. I’m at a track now that runs 160 + days, and we have horses ship in and out constantly.
    Bottom line–this is what they have, so until something else comes up, use it or lose it.

  12. ragman

    No mention of House Bill 4849 or Senate Bill 550 from the thoroughbred people that I can see. Is this something the harness people are carrying
    ball for?

  13. http://www.mihbpa.com/Current%20Events.htm

    I’m so fed up with your bull ragman, you and your Harness crap.

    And ROX the money was in escrow the moment Campbell through in his license and that’s where it should of remained until 2012. One HBPA board member also a Quarter Horse member ranted on this as well. WE’LL LOSE THE MONEY, THE STATE WILL TAKE IT, THE HARNESS WILL TAKE IT.

    Nobody would of took anything. Within the Racing Act law of 1995 nobody would of been legally allowed to do anything with the T.B.’s $ in escrow. So that’s all a bunch of bull. So some on the HBPA board decided that they should jam a lot of money in 30 days worth of racing and screw the rest of the Mi. Horsemen that already had made arrangements for stalls at other tracks to insure them stalls somewhere.

    It was selfish and peoples personal agenda’s were put forth before the horsemen they were suppose to represent.

    When PRC started it was a new day of the State cutting our race dates. Back at DRC nobody was shipping in and out with the exception of Stake Races at DRC or other tracks. And nobody would of stood for having to ship in and out every damn day. They minded then and most mind now. But the justification of MPM will continue. Just don’t try to justify it to me.

  14. Old Time Race Fan

    I can understand the frustration with the state of the sport in Michigan today. The bill certainly sounds like a positive step. What are it’s chances? I shall shoot off a letter to my rep asking for her support.
    As for MPM, it does not seem like it can ever be a long term solution. I am just a fan, but have watched the thoroughbreds run in Michigan over the years at Hazel Park; DRC; Great Lakes Downs and Pinnacle; so I have seen a lot of venues. It seems like the best chance if it will survive is back to Hazel Park where they used to run. They have made a go of it in harness racing so it seems like they could make it work. Plus they have the population center close enough to get some fans in the seats (hopefully).

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