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Jockey Oscar Delgado gets in touch with the stewards after a race at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

Jockey Oscar Delgado gets in touch with the stewards after a race at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

16 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi J –

    I just found your site. I run an online regional news site called Great Lakes Horse Sports and I was just looking for some new stuff for the racing page which was in sad news of update and – hey – I found your site for the very first time. Very energetic and fun to read. I’m going to put up a link to it as a mini-news item. Maybe we can talk sometime. I just got back from playing in a polo tournament and I’m trying to generally catch up. Your site is so nice, it compels me to say hello.

  2. Bev Stedman

    Thanks for sending the link to your website. It is so interesting to me even though I’m not directly involved in horseracing. You may convert me yet, though.

    Thanks for the kitty links while I was recovering from my recent surgery. It really brightened my otherwise painfilled day! I have been remiss in not thanking you sooner.

  3. Hi Joe!

    Love your blog. Have placed a link from MTOBA to you. Keep up the good work! MI racing needs about a million more like you if that were even remotely possible.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Brian D. Nielsen

    Hi Joe,

    Great meeting you yesterday at MPM. Keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping folks posted about racing in Michigan!!!


  5. Reese, Theresa & Alan

    Congratulations to Renee Wilson on our gelding Paint Me A Bono. It is very exciting to see a good photo and obviously good care and training.
    Thank you!

  6. Ernie

    Hi their, Do you know if Andrea Ritter still does the paddock show for Pinnacle?

  7. Hi Joe and race fans,
    I am a 73 yr. old retiree living in florida. I stood a stallion named Keep Your Money in Mi. with some sucess with crops of 1 or 2 foals a year. I sold my yearlings. among the winners were Red Pretzyl,Molly Squash,Joeys Graduation and Tracys Unicorn. Molly and the Unicorn placed in the sire stakes at Ladbroke DRC.
    I have pictures of my foals in the winners circle except for Tracys Unicorn which I seem to have lost. Theresa Abahazy was the track photographer.
    I would love to acquire a pic of this colt as he was named for a daughter of mine who is no longer with us. Nice site. Thanks Jim

  8. Yes, we lost a good one. It is hard to say goodbye but the memories he left will endure. My deepest heartfelt sympathy for you and your family. John Murphy was a special man. He will be missed.

  9. Dave Allen

    Hi Joe,

    Great website! I’m glad to see that somebody is keeping up the fight for Michigan racing. I’m currently studying in the Race Track Industry Program at the University of Arizona, but I’m from Detroit and I watched a lot of harness racing at Northville Downs and Hazel Park, as well as the Thoroughbreds at Pinnacle during its first year.

    Keep up the good work with the website and good luck with your career– horse racing needs more passionate people like you to get the word out.


  10. Joe..

    I am a first-time turf writer who was pressed into duty after you declined to pursue the job. I will read your site daily in hopes of cashing in at the mutuel window.

    Where is the tout section?

    I love No. 4 in the third race on Monday, May 10 at Indiana Downs. Simply can’t lose.

  11. Derek

    From your twitter account…”Another track has been added to my Midwest tour: The Red Mile. I know harness barely counts as racing, but 4 tracks in 5 days sounds fun.”

    The Red Mile is a great racetrack with wonderful history. Don’t pick on the pretty horses with carts! Besides some of them could easily beat many thoroughbreds at our local tracks….hahaha

    Can’t we just love them both?

    • mibredclaimer

      Perhaps. But everyone needs a whipping post. Mine just happens to be harness racing. That’s why I’m going back to the Red Mile in the first place – in an attempt to bury the hatchet…or to find new material, whichever comes first.

  12. Hi Joe – Michigan can’t afford a constitutional convention right now. However, we have a lot of seats to be filled this time around. We can vote for people who know something about horses and support the industry. Who are your picks?


    • mibredclaimer

      Obviously, I can’t give you a race-by-race breakdown of the best candidates for the racing industry, because there are just too many. In my State House district, the 70th, however, I am all in on Mike Huckleberry. I have helped work with him personally on issues pertaining to the industry, and he has shown time and time again that he understands what a healthy racing business can do for the state. Plus, he’s a good guy to boot.

      As for the governor’s race. I admittedly have not done a ton of research on either candidate, but I have not seen anything out of either camp that would suggest they would treat racing as poorly as the previous administration. I’d like to think we’d be able to work with whoever takes the throne.

  13. All prices are open for negotiation if going to a racing home. We want our horses to get their chance in the industry. Please contact us today! Please click through to our page to see pictures and more information on each horse. We want you to own a race horse today!

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    Light The Fire – 2008 Florida bred colt by Mull of Kintyre out of Ceasefire (FR) by Doyoun (IRE) $4000.00

    Surprising : 2008 Florida bred filly by Mull of Kintyre out of Surprise Audit by Mehmet. $4000.00

    Swoosh – 2009 Michigan bred colt by Equality out of Crypto Gal by Cryptoclearance. $1000.00

    Perfect Result – 2009 Michigan bred filly by Perfect Circle out of Surprise Audit by Mehmet. ASK for PRICE.

    Fired Up – 2005 Unraced Michigan bred mare by Equality out of Ceasefire (FR) by Doyoun. $5000.00.

    Crypto Gal – 2000 Kentucky bred mare by Cryptoclearance out of Frannie Frantic by Deputy Minister. $2000.00

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    Fenton, MI 48430

    Inquires to: Karie Okerstrom 734.751.7809


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