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The Phase 2 results show

The future site of the Pinnacle Race Course grandstand.

The future site of the Pinnacle Race Course grandstand.

The people have spoken.

According to the readers of this remote internet outpost, the two Phase 2 projects Pinnacle Race Course should focus the most energy on are building a permanent grandstand and installing a turf course.

For a little background information on the topic, click here.

Let’s have a look at the results…

Which “Phase 2” addition to Pinnacle Race Course is your highest priority?

Four votes (36%)
– Completed Grandstand/Clubhouse
– Turf Course

Two Votes (18%)
– Track Lighting

One Vote (9%)
– Other (not specified)

No votes
– Completed Paddock
– Permanent Tote Board
– Backstretch Expansion
– Additional Betting Windows
– Expanded Parking

Thanks to everyone that voted. Look for a new poll question in the coming days. 

As for my thoughts?

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Pinnacle’s second phase could face obstacles

Blueprints of Pinnacle Race Course's finished product were displayed around the track.

Drawings of Pinnacle Race Course's finished product were displayed around the track during its inaugural season.

As anyone who has seen or read about Pinnacle Race Course will attest to, the facility is still a work in progress.

The Pinnacle that launched on opening day and hosted the inaugural meet was Phase One of a two, or possibly three, part project expected to be completed by 2010. As it stands, the pavilion, barns, and the track itself figure to be the only permanent fixtures currently in place.

For a look at the architectural renderings of the finished track, click here. The drawings are presented in a slideshow format, so stick around for a few moments to see them all.

Tom Schramm described the track’s future plans in an article for the Daily Racing Form.

Long-term plans – collectively known as Phase 2 – include the construction of a permanent clubhouse, a turf track inside the one-mile dirt strip, and a retail mall on the outlying property. Other plans will increase the number of barns to aid a chronic shortage of horses in the first season. Due to the ailing economy and tight credit markets, some of the plans will likely be delayed.

“There will still be a Phase 2; how quickly it progresses will be decided over the next months,” said Pinnacle general manager Alan Plever. “I know for sure we’re going to add some barns for next year. We only had 580 stalls and that worked to our detriment.”

– Tom Schram, Daily Racing Form
October 31, 2008

With this in mind, I would like to put you in charge of the decision making at Pinnacle Race Course for a moment. 

Assuming that Phase Two will not be fully completed by the start of the 2009 meet, which of the proposed additions or expansions would you push to the front of the line to have ready by next year’s opening day? Which ones do you think can be shuffled to the back burner to be finished when the time and money are there? Finally, is it more important to make decisions that will appeal to the patrons on the frontside or the horsemen on the backside?

As you may have already noticed, I have also posed the first question in the form of a poll in the upper right hand corner of the page. Please be sure to give that a look and please leave a comment giving the reasoning for your decision as well.

For the moment, I will abstain from giving my opinion on the matter so as not to sway the voting in any direction. However, I will certainly share my thoughts in the near future.

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