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Think locally, broadcast globally

Jockeys and horsemen at small tracks could provide a different perspective from those at Santa Anita

Jockeys and horsemen at small tracks could provide a different perspective from those at Santa Anita. Jockey Dale Berryhill looks over his mount, Guys Nite Out, at Mount Pleasant Meadows.

Though it seems the producers of the Animal Planet reality series “Jockeys” have already decided to make a return trip to Santa Anita, the readers of The Michigan-Bred Claimer have made it clear they would like to see the show’s next installment held at a small-time racetrack.

I suppose there is always hope for season three if the series does well enough to stay out of the Animal Planet execs’ crosshairs. Unless someone in charge of the show manages to find a way to keep the current group of riders from getting stale, it is very easy to picture the series’ third installment to come from a new locale. Racetracks looking to get some national exposure would be wise to start making some calls and knocking on a few doors before someone else beats them to the punch.

Now to discuss the poll. Because I have already examined each option at length, I am going to keep my reactions brief.

For a review of the pros and cons of holding a season of “Jockeys” at the four choices offered in the poll, click here.

Let’s have a look at the results…

Where would you like to see the next season of “Jockeys” held?

A Smaller Track – 24 Votes (55%)
A Mid-Level Track – 10 Votes (23%)
Back at Santa Anita – Seven Votes (16%)
A Larger Track – Three Votes (7%)

Total Votes: 44

While I was not terribly shocked to see the small tracks win out, I was surprised to see so little support for hosting next season at another major location. I figured the draw of the big names in the saddle and under, as well as the major races they would compete in, would garner more votes than it did, especially considering many of the more prestigious tracks run short, easy to follow meets like the Oak Tree meet at Santa Anita.

Still, I fully support the results of the poll and agree that a season at a bullring would make for some very good watching, even if that track isn’t in Michigan.

Next time we meet, I will have a new poll question for you to ponder. Until then, what small-time track do you think would be best suited for an undertaking like “Jockeys?”

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The Photo of the Year results show

September 27, 2008

The Michigan-Bred Claimer's 2008 Photo of the Year: Oscar Delgado talks things over with the stewards following a race at Mount Pleasant Meadows. Date Taken: September 27, 2008

As you can see by the large picture at the top of this post, the winner of my “2008 Photo of the Year” poll is the picture entitled “Stating His Case.” This victory is brought to you in part by  the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Meadows Phone in the Mailbox, headed up by chairperson Claire Novak. 

But seriously, thanks to everyone who voted and left comments on my pictures. I know these photos are far from Eclipse quality (even if this year’s winner was pretty debatable), but it was still a blast to shoot them and I hope you enjoyed the first-person glimpses into my unforgettable year.

Let’s take a look at how the votes shook out. For one last look at the nominees, click here.

Which is your favorite photo of 2008?

Four Votes (31%)
– “Stating His Case” (Oscar Delgado)

Two Votes (15%)
“Dreaming of the Spotlight” (Dreaming of Anna)
– “Rolling Start” (The Red Mile)

One Vote (8%)
– “The Champ” (Curlin) 
– “Best Seat in the House” (Mount Pleasant Meadows)
– “Leaving ’em all Behind” (Flame of Justice)
– “The Cross” (Oscar Delgado)
– “Final Preparations” (Phil Teator) 

No Votes (0%)
– “Pillar to Post” (Ricardo Barrios)
– “Down the Stretch” (Pinnacle Race Course)
– “Picture in Picture” (Jamie Theriot)
– “Tiz Springtime” (Tiz Now Tiz Then) 
– “Keeneland Clock” (Keeneland Race Course)
– “Lock and Load” (Ethel Redneck)

 Now for a few observations…

While I was not surprised by the winner of the poll, I did not expect to see so much support for “Rolling Start.” Aside from the fact that it was a Standardbred picture in a Thoroughbred blog, I figured the motion blur would turn people off. Glad to see people liked it though.

Also, it was mildly shocking to see the Curlin picture only receive a single vote. Though the subjects are not doing anything particularly noteworthy, I expected name recognition alone to net it a few more votes.

I’m looking at buying a new camera sometime in the near future; something with better zoom and picture quality. If and when that happens, expect business to pick up in the photo department. Hopefully next year’s “Photo of the Year” poll will leave this one in the dust.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and commented. I’ll have the next question up and ready to go as soon as I come up with something worth asking. See you then.

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Photo of the year

The votes have been tallied and after a brief time as a neck and neck race, two thirds of the voting public helped daytime racing pull ahead as the preferred time to hit the racetrack. Let’s take a look at the results…

When is your preferred time for live racing?

Day Racing – Eleven Votes (61%)
Night Racing – Seven Votes (39%) 

I have already written at length about the pros and cons of both, so I will not waste your time with a rehashing of my thoughts. However, if you do have time to waste, there are worse ways to do it than reading this.

Now on to the next poll topic…

As some of you may already know, there has been a bit of a controversy over the choice for this year’s Eclipse award-winning photo. As you can see here, the winning photo is basically a stock, if a little off-center and misspelled, photo of jockey Frankie Dettori making his famous flying dismount following his win aboard Donativum (GB) in the Breeders’ Cup “Junenile” Fillies.

I am not discounting it as a nice photo that captures a moment of jubilance after a major race, but my rule of thumb when deciding the quality of a professional photo is if I can conceivably take the same quality picture on my cheap little point and shoot camera, it’s not that good – at least not Eclipse-quality.

In response to this error in judgement, the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance has staged its own Eclipse Award do-over

I find this contest very interesting. However, I also realize that despite having been a lot of places and taken a lot of pictures, nothing I took in 2008 could crack the top ten against what is already entered.

 That’s why I am holding my own personal Photo of the Year poll showcasing some of my favorite pictures from my travels last year (holy ego stroking, Batman!). The winner will be chosen by you, the viewing public.

Each photo comes with a quasi-pretentious title for identification purposes and a short description to give the back story. Feel free to give your feedback on the pictures outside of simply voting.

Last year gave me the opportunity to take pictures at so many different locations. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed being there to shoot them.

And now your nominees…

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The Phase 2 results show

The future site of the Pinnacle Race Course grandstand.

The future site of the Pinnacle Race Course grandstand.

The people have spoken.

According to the readers of this remote internet outpost, the two Phase 2 projects Pinnacle Race Course should focus the most energy on are building a permanent grandstand and installing a turf course.

For a little background information on the topic, click here.

Let’s have a look at the results…

Which “Phase 2” addition to Pinnacle Race Course is your highest priority?

Four votes (36%)
– Completed Grandstand/Clubhouse
– Turf Course

Two Votes (18%)
– Track Lighting

One Vote (9%)
– Other (not specified)

No votes
– Completed Paddock
– Permanent Tote Board
– Backstretch Expansion
– Additional Betting Windows
– Expanded Parking

Thanks to everyone that voted. Look for a new poll question in the coming days. 

As for my thoughts?

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