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Poetic democracy

I need your advice.

There is a literary magazine at Central Michigan University called The Central Review that publishes student-written writings and poetry. It comes out once per semester and the top prose and poetry pieces get $100 each.

I have tried on multiple occasions to get things published in The Central Review, but so far to no avail. I will admit, most of the things I submitted were pretty bad, but compared to some of the weird, nonsensical things that made the cut, it just didn’t feel like I was thinking on the same wavelength as the people in charge of putting the magazine together.

But that was all before I came up with The Haiku Handicapper. Now I have a concept that just might be outside-of-the-box enough to at least make it into print.

Along with a frustrated piece I wrote comparing life to a bag of Skittles, I would like to submit one of my Haiku Handicapper race analyses. The problem is, I don’t know which one to choose.

This is where you come in.

On the right side of the page, there is a poll to decide which race breakdown I should submit. Have a look at the posts in question and pick which one you like the best or you think has the best chance of grabbing the attention of a bunch of midwestern English majors.

When making your selections, be sure to look at the recaps of the races too, as they will be included with the races themselves when submitted. Also, you may have noticed that the Eclipse Award predictions have been omitted from the poll. It might be asking too much to assume the judges know what an Eclipse Award is and why it is worth writing about, so I left it off the ballot.

The deadline for submission is March 20, so there is some time for debate, but the sooner a clear leader emerges, the more time I have to fine tune it.

I apologize for putting up another self-indulgent poll. I promise I’ve got a good, relevant question on deck once this one sorts itself out.

Here is something to sweeten the deal. If one of my pieces gets chosen as the $100 winner (either the Skittles piece or a Haiku piece), I will select one person who leaves a comment supporting the race that wins this poll (don’t forget to vote there too) and donate $25 of the winnings to the charity of his or her choice (pending my approval). If multiple commenters support the winning Haiku, I’ll select the winner by drawing their names out of a hat. Please be clear about which race you are backing. Comments will not be counted if they waffle between a few choices without making a final decision or simply say “I like them all.”

To see all of the Haiku Handicapper posts, click here.

Thanks for your input.


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