Who is this guy?

Near the paddock area at Arlington Park during a 2010 visit.

Pronunciation: \ˈklā-mər\
Function: noun
Date: 15th century

1: one that claims
2 a: claiming race
b: a horse running in a claiming race
Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com

Joe Nevills is a recent graduate of Central Michigan University officially majoring in journalism and unofficially majoring in horse racing.

After growing up learning the sport from his grandfather at Mount Pleasant Meadows, Joe fell in love with horse racing at Great Lakes Downs following his family’s Thoroughbred Royal Charley.

In 2008, Joe worked as an intern for the Thoroughbred Times in Lexington, Kentucky. It is his goal to obtain a career in the horse racing media industry.

Joe has also had photos and/or stories published in Thoroughbred Times TODAY, The Midwest Thoroughbred, Arabian Finish Line, Michigan Horse Sports, NTRA.com, StallionESearch.com and Thorofan.com.

Racetracks Joe has visited
– Arlington Park; Arlington Heights, IL
– Beulah Park; Grove City, OH
– Churchill Downs; Louisville, KY
– Ellis Park; Henderson, KY
– Great Lakes Downs; Muskegon, MI
– Hoosier Park; Anderson, IN
– Indiana Downs; Shelbyville, IN
– Keeneland Race Course; Lexington, KY
– Mount Pleasant Meadows; Mt. Pleasant, MI
– Pimlico Race Course; Baltimore, MD
– Pinnacle Race Course; New Boston, MI
– Prairie Meadows; Altoona, IA
– River Downs; Cincinnati, OH
– Sam Houston Race Park; Houston, TX
– The Red Mile; Lexington, KY
– Turfway Park; Florence, KY
– Yellowstone Downs; Billings, MT

*Note: Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by me with a Sanyo 5 MP Xacti VPC-503 Digital Camera or Kodak EasyShare Z980.

8 responses to “Who is this guy?

  1. Joe – will you please send me your contact information. I would like to include you on our email list for newsletters and press releases. We love your site! Thanks. Liana Bennett

    Information Manager
    Office of Racing Commissioner

  2. Joe,
    Nice blog – now you need to be a member of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance!

    I was out for Michigan Sire Stakes day. I’ve only posted a few photos but check them out.

  3. Mibredclaimer
    If you want to see some really cool harness tracks I recommend the Ohio fair circuit in harness racing.These are some of the neatest tracks I’ve ever been to.I went to Montgomery County Fair in Dayton in August of 2008 and it is a must see for any race fan.You actually drive over the race track
    to park in the infield.However ,it make take awhile to cross over if horses are warming up.Also, crossing back over to the grandstand can be a challenge as 1000 pound standardbreds are warming up over the track and sometimes you have to make a run for it to avoid being trampled.Go to ustrotting.com and they have the fair schedules.Also many are run in northern Ohio making it closer to you.

    • wilderness

      Realize this comment is a year old, however there are many fairs in Michigan (16 for 2010) that offer harness racing.
      Just a few years ago and within Michigan there were more than 30 fairs which offered harness racing.

      The fair atmosphere is quite unique. The general public is allowed into the backstretch barns (unlike the pari-mutuel tracks), where most horsemen and their families will gladly visit with those that stop by.

  4. It is nice to see someone else trying to help save the industry in Michigan. Well done!

    Ryan B. Okerstrom
    RK Thoroughbreds LLC
    Facebook: RK Thoroughbreds LLC

  5. Joe,
    I really enjoy the articles. Proud to know you!

  6. Hi i’m a photojournalism student at CMU. i’m looking to do a photo story this weekend on a jockey at mount pleasant meadows. wondering if you could give me some information.
    Tanya Moutzalias

  7. Debby Lynn

    hi Joe
    I got to your page by googling my horse’s name. Wondering if it’s the same Royal Charley? He did race at Great Lakes

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