The clock is ticking

Patriotic Bill became the first horse with a previous start at Mount Pleasant Meadows to win a race at the newly reopened Hialeah Park.

First off, congratulations to Quarter Horse Patriotic Bill for being the first horse to win a race at Hialeah Park coming off a start at Mount Pleasant Meadows. The Florida-bred Game Patriot gelding gained the late advantage and won Tuesday’s fifth race by 3/4 lengths. For a chart of the race, click here.

As you may recall, Patriotic Bill’s previous start was over a year ago in a blowout match race victory against Striking Lucy – a beautiful paint without a lick of run in her. He was later disqualified, but not before the race was made official and payouts were made. To relive this memorable race, the chart can be read here.

Another horse with a start at Mount Pleasant, Bye Bye Cartel, also picked up a win on Tuesday’s card. The Southern Cartel colt finished fourth in a stakes race during his lone stop in Michigan earlier this year. On Tuesday, he took the seventh race at Hialeah by a length as the 1.30-to-one favorite. The chart for Tuesday’s race can be found here.

In more pressing news, it appears the deadline to halt Michigan racing’s move to a new regulator is rapidly drawing near. According to this bill analysis document, the Michigan Legislature has until Thursday, Dec. 7 to disapprove Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Oct. 8 Executive Order which, among many other things, dissolves the Office of Racing Commissioner. The order also moves control of the industry’s regulatory and financial undertakings under the umbrella of the Gaming Control Board.

According to the linked document, there is a series of bills in the Senate to place control of the industry in the hands of the Michigan Department of Agriculture. In the proposed bill, the MDA Director would essentially become the new racing commissioner.

Michigan’s racing industry groups have been pushing to remain under the MDA, which already distributes funding to racing programs through the Ag Equine Development Fund. Proponents of staying with the MDA argue the racing industry has more significant ties to agriculture, through the feeding, care and maintenance of horses and farms, than it does to the gaming at the racetracks. It is also argued that the MDA is better equipped to promote the racing industry (which desperately needs it), whereas the Gaming Control Board is primarily a regulatory body.

From the looks of the bills’ pages (955, 956, 957, 958), they have been sitting in committee purgatory since mid-November, so it may be an uphill battle to get them through both the Senate and House of Representatives before the Dec. 7 deadline. Then again, State Congress has shown in the past that it can get things done when it focuses on the task at hand.


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11 responses to “The clock is ticking

  1. ragman

    MDA better equipped to promote the racing industry?? What do they know about gambling?
    Wednesday Beulah Park ran 9 races with an average purse of $4422, had an on track handle of $37,099 and off track of $1,957,342 for a total of $1,994,441 which was 28% more than Delta and Charles Town combined, almost twice that of Penn Nat and over 20% more than Woodbine. All slots tracks. Beulahs exacta pools were worth betting into. They were also going against Aquduct and Hawthorne plus early Hollywood Park.
    These figures aren’t the result of Ohio Ag promoting them. Beulah management should be praised and studied to see what they are doing right.
    Pinnacle has completed 2 years of racing and at no time did they ever come close to figures like this and everybody seems quick to supply excuses. I can see the reluctance to spend at this time on more barns and a grandstand but there is no excuse for not getting your signal out and getting the pool level up to where gamblers are willing to participate.
    I hope somebody at Pinnacle wakes up.

  2. mibredclaimer

    I can’t speak for the MDA, but I think they’d be promoting the horse/farm side of the sport as opposed to the gambling side. You know, “bring your family to a day at the races” type stuff. Most of the people I know, myself included, got into racing because someone in their family took them to the racetrack at a young age. Perhaps it could be seen as an investment in the future?

  3. Mibredclaimer:
    If Pinnacle and the State do not get their act together there will be no future, all the young fans will bet races on the internet and not even consider going to Pinnacle, trust me I know a few. I have enjoyed my trips to Pinnacle with my family but I view it as a fun day, not a seroius horse playing day, and my wagering is far less then on a serious day of playing on the net.

    Quick question, doesn’t Piannacle have to employee so many people by a certain date or the cost of the land to the owners goes up dramaticly? If so do you know the dates and the cost if the employee numbers are not met?

  4. mibredclaimer

    According to a July 2008 article in Crain’s Detroit Business…

    “The Wayne County Board of Commissioners earlier this year approved the sale of the land to Campbell for $1. The deal requires the creation of at least 1,100 jobs by 2014 or Campbell must pay the county $50,000 an acre.”


    I don’t know where Pinnacle currently stands on that figure, or what qualifies as a “job” (i.e. do backstretch workers like trainers and grooms count or is it strictly people who work for Pinnacle itself – mutuel clerks, restaurant staff, video production crew, etc.?).

  5. scott b

    the only reason beulah has those numbers are they are on everyone’s simulcast menu..charles town is on only about would appear that mountainer has a deal in place to do so? i have to drive from g.r to toledo or chicago to bet when my horses race..the single best thing pinacle could do beside getting signal out would be to race nights like great new, bad stock,and short fields have no chance to compete with day tracks for otb money..

  6. Longshot

    And this Petition by Dan Atkins at HP

    RACINO/CASINO PETITION: The Michigan HBPA board met to address the petition developed by Dan Atkins of Hazel Park. The board expressed concerns over the lack of provisions for Michigan horsemen. Plans are in place to gather signatures to have the petition placed on the ballot for the November 2010 election. Some of the concerns discussed by the board:

    1) No provision for live racing

    2) No provision for simulcasting

    3) No specific provision for purse revenue (they will need annual legislative approval)

    4) No provision for contract with CHO’s

    The board indicated that these provisions are important to all breeds, and expressed an interest in discussing the impact they will have with other horsemen’s organizations. Revenue distribution in the petition is 70% for tracks and 30% to the state for programs, counties and local municipalities. The petition provides for 5 Racinos and 3 Casino

    Well this is certainly a well thought out Petition.


  7. Longshot

    Why contact just your own when you can contact ALL.

    MICHIGAN H.O.R.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. ROX

    Joe, your blog contact no longer appears on the mtoba home page. Error????

  9. mibredclaimer

    Looks fine to me. I’ve noticed if you navigate away from the main page, it doesn’t show up on the sidebar. Is that what you ran into?

  10. ROX

    Thanks, I didn’t go directly to the main page last time. Glad you’re still there.

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