Richard the Handicapper

A few quick thoughts from last night’s Eclipse Awards broadcast…

– My Haiku Handicapper picks went 13 for 17. 

– The Horse of the Year voting wasn’t nearly as close as a lot of people speculated it to be. I figured the winner could be decided by how many votes get siphoned away by Big Brown. It turns out Big Brown’s 13 votes would have still made it a blowout. Either way, I’m glad to see Curlin get it.

– How burned must Michael Iavarone be after losing the owner award by one vote? 

– Speaking of IEAH, it will be interesting to see if Benny The Bull will be the same horse when he comes back from injury.

– Whose idea was it to have such a high podium at an awards ceremony where many of the people involved stand under five feet tall?

– I’m not sure how I feel about Zenyatta’s owner, Jerry Moss, getting additional stage time for a do-over speech. Was it the class thing to do to get back up there to thank Zenyatta’s jockeys after forgetting to do it the first time around? Without a doubt. I just worry about what kind of precedent this sets for future award shows. Now that it is out there, where do we draw the line for who gets a mulligan and to thank whom?

– The MVP of the night was easily Handicapper of the Year Richard Goodall. Yes, his speech went longer than it needed to, but he used his platform to its fullest extent and got the messages that many have been championing directly to the people that can do something about it. As much as we, as bloggers, like to think our messages are reaching the difference-makers in the industry, the only way we can know that we are even on their radar is for them to acknowledge us through comments or emails. There is no question that Goodall’s message got to his intended audience.

Could this guy be racing’s answer to Joe the Plumber?

Edit: Whoops, I read the wrong press release and got the names mixed up. My apologies to Mr. Goodall.

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