Change proposed for Michigan state-bred purse supplements

The Michigan State Senate introduced an amendment to the Michigan Horse Racing Act of 1995 on Tuesday to account for the possibility of no live Thoroughbred racing in 2011.

Senate Bill 434, introduced by Fowlerville Sen. Joe Hune, would distribute Michigan’s state-bred purse supplements to horses that win allowance or claiming races outside the state if no live racing is held within the fiscal year. Michigan’s current fiscal year ends Sept. 30.

The bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture.

Here is the proposed language to be added to the Act (section 6.A). The new addition is in bold…

(a) A sum to be allotted thoroughbred race meeting licensees to supplement the purses for races to be conducted exclusively for Michigan bred horses. If, during a fiscal year, live thoroughbred horse races are not conducted at a licensed race meeting in this state, the sum appropriated under this subdivision shall be paid at the end of the fiscal year to supplement the purses of Michigan bred thoroughbred horses that win allowance and claiming races at licensed horse race tracks outside of this state.

To read the bill, click here.

To follow the bill as it makes its way through the Capitol, click here.

UPDATE: A similar bill is making its way through the State House of Representatives regarding Michigan’s breeder’s award program. Here is the language that would be changed in HB 4784…

If, during a fiscal year, live Thoroughbred horse races are not conducted at a licensed race meeting in this state, a sum shall be appropriated under this subdivision to pay breeders’ awards, in amounts not to exceed 10%  of the gross purses, to the breeders of Michigan bred Thoroughbred horses that win at races conducted at licensed horse racetracks outside of this state.

The bill, introduced last Thursday by Rep. Cindy Denby, was read for a first time and referred to the House Committee on Appropriations.

To read the bill’s language, click here.

To track the bill as it makes its way through Lansing, click here.


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6 responses to “Change proposed for Michigan state-bred purse supplements

  1. ragman


    In today’s last at Thistle a $2.5k mdn claimer you want to reward a Mi-bred should he win. The purse money should be enough of a reward. Surely we don’t want to promote breeding of that caliber a horse.

    The money in the pool should be for racing in this state if we should ever get a thoroughbred meet again.

    • Making History

      (To the negative person who has put my MI bred in a category they may wish they never have!) Dam good LUCK to you when my colt hits the track. Bad horses are the result of bad horseman ship !

  2. Should it Ragman?

    When you buy a horse and the exspenses that go with them then open your mouth. Since there isn’t a meet going on here basically because of what the State of Michigan has done to this Industry here. Mi- Bred Horses have a right to be rewarded where they can run as in every other State’s breed that is rewarded.

    It is to no fault of the Owners & Breeders here in Mi. that we don’t have a viable track at present running a live racing meet.

  3. mibredclaimer

    I think the big drive behind the “out-of-state” provisions is that if the money is not spent SOMEHOW, it goes back into the state’s general fund, and that money will be near impossible to get back if and when a live meet ever got going again. If there are no in-state options, the next step is to reward MI-breds that run elsewhere.

    It’s kind of a catch-22 situation. If they can’t run in Michigan, they’ve got to spend the money out of state. If they don’t spend the money out of state, they can’t run in Michigan.

  4. rox

    It only mentions breeders’ awards, owners will still only get purse money. Who will keep track and how? And if Thoroughbreds run at Mt. Pleasant does this become void?

  5. ROX

    This is what I wrote a blog on. The unfairness of it all since the HBPA voted to race at MPM. Reality is this would VOID if running out of State then they race a legitimate meet at MPM. I have know Idea what the HBPA is doing, in reality I don’t think THEY know what they are doing.

    What a Mess.

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